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 Lord Jim - Serenity (Wax Diss)

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West Coast Gangsta
West Coast Gangsta

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PostSubject: Lord Jim - Serenity (Wax Diss)   Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:45 pm

[Track starts]

Let me introduce to the proof of the crucial moment, my existence is enough, challenge me in this rap game? I own it. God blessed with this gift of touch but the devil gave me hate, you think you can make me levitate? Well that's strike two, trade the chopper for the duece come to your house and hit leave your remains for them boys in blue.

I tried to warn you before; you're fucking with the wrong crew. My rhymes are too tight for you my lyrical genius? My nigga I'm too bright for you, catch me on my block, my boys slinging crack rocks, don't let the hat drop this heat man it ain't no prop.

So god grant me serenity and give me the strength to not murder my enemies, keep my rhyme on point and let me keep running blocks and poking holes in bitch niggas, Wax my knife is on point. But it's your choice me and my big brother are coming and it ain't about rap now it's personal. Them og's from the families? yeah them niggas, they never heard of you. Not will they ever like nore my nigga call me Thor and ill tell I'm ready for war.

Yeah of grant me the serenity and give me the strength to wipe out my enemies. One shot to this nigga, you best believe you ain't a fiend to me. My nigga you're a a fucking chimpanzee.
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Lord Jim - Serenity (Wax Diss)
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