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 Lord Jim; Struggles

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West Coast Gangsta
West Coast Gangsta

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PostSubject: Lord Jim; Struggles   Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:01 pm

[Track starts playing]

[Verse 1]
Yeah, uh-huh, I'm feeling it man.

Yo, angels what I'm thinking about, when I let them speakers out, running around the block glock cocked and my speakers loud. I'm from one of those neighborhoods that you read about. Kid's dying everyday, but we don't speak allowed. Visualize them mentally, much better than physically because it can break the strong and the weak no, not differently. Same life different stroke but he didn't have the chance, he life was revoked. The week prior to that he had his license revoked, dude choked and plead guilty to murder in the first degree. Agreed to a lesser sentence if you spilled the bills b, so he gave 'em all the info, he made like a rat to  survive and gave up his family. His boys got 25-to-life and he got off with a week at central bidding. He had the nerve to say he wasn't guilty.

[Verse 2]
Two weeks later he was a free man but his dude's knew who he was, a rat without the fur and the tail so they knew what it was. Little Jimmy, one of Jerek's old homie's little brother, had nothing left. Dude lived in the gutters, but had the family his real and only family they told 'em what Jerek did when his older brother wasn't around 'em. Jimmy knew he was a snitch, he put down his own brother, so Tommy got the hard time and Jerek got nothing. But what Jerek didn't know is that a week later he'd be dead by the hands of his own little cousin. Jimmy couldn't let this ride, his family depended on him, he had to prove he was ready to die, like ride-or-die.

[Verse 3]
About three days later Jimmy meet up with his boys, who agreed to help Jimmy make some paper. Jimmy had to prove himself first this was the challenge, but Jimmy was only 15 what were his options? The crew said Jerek had to die for what he did, Jimmy knew it too, Jerek was like a pig. So Jimmy went out that night with the boys, grabbed a semi-automatic, he was ready to make some noise. Jerek saw 'em walk in, his old fucking crew; and who the fuck was with 'em, little Jimmy that's who. They all approached him, tried to dap him up but when he turned to Jimmy, it was him who had clapped 'em up. Now Jimmy realized what he did he had killed 'em. The fucking rat himself that locked Tommy up and Tommy was the only person that cared for 'em. So now Jimmy was down with the block, he tucked the glock and dipped up out of the spot.

[Verse 4]
The week after that Tommy called Jimmy, told 'em that he better not have touched his semi, police was searching for it in connection to another murder. Tommy also said, stay with Jerek he wont hurt ya. See Tommy still trusted 'em and he had a reason to. The next thing Tommy said was that it wasn't Jerek that was the rat. The rat got slapped up-state and that's what he deserved for stabbing the families in the back. But Jimmy killed Jerek, his own fucking cousin. No fucking reason to do it and now Jimmy was ready to lose it. Yeah.

[Verse 5]
Now Jimmy's locked down, Jerek's dead and so is Tommy. 10 years later Jimmy still knew what got 'em. But the problem is that this happens too often in the block where the glock's cocked and niggas are ready to lose their lives for a bombaclot. But listen that ain't me, I'm the real deal J-i-m Jr. Yeah that was my pops that pulled out the poya. The problem on the block gotta stop with him man, i'm trying to help out my brothers and praise god, but he know that sometimes I sin man.
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Lord Jim; Struggles
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