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 MC - Lord of Poker

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[AFK]Lil Dan
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PostSubject: MC - Lord of Poker   Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:18 pm

Red and Black are colors that count
You losing this game its not your fault
Watch me snatching my chips,
Read from my lips, you lose this, i'll give you a tip
Never take a trip, Heartz Queen the royal lady
On the side with the Spades Ace, he be shady
Watch me hold the two cards while i rock the microphone
I won the largest bet, get fuck outta my zone
Give me full house, just to make my hoe bounce
Im making my names, getting followers for my cause
Now shake the deck, deal the cards
lets write history this night, I got King & Queen of Clubs
I see Jack and Ace on the table, time for royal flush
Observe my opponents slowly, i dont wanna rush

Black Lady, Bring me luck tonight
Two Red Jacks and I, with the Devil we fight
Three Aces, three brothers i call
Four of a kind, my Kings and i never fall

A good hand, bag of weed, is all i need
In this Concrete Jungle Casino im placing my seed
The color of Red Jack is red as blood
Let it drop tonight, Tomorrow im in a mud
Fingers stick to the cards, i got Ace in my sleeve
I can see their cards in their eyes, they aint beating me
I gamble today, i gamble tomorrow, i gamble always
Even when i lose all stakes i got calm face
When the Devil raise, i Call
I raise when the Angels withdraw,
Song for all my casino heads that mess with luck
Who got cold eyes in mission to get the buck
Dont test me, cause im strongest than fate
Jack, Queen and King,Ten, Ace, thats Straight
Royal Flush or four of a kind
I'll pop out a hand out of the box, that will stop the damn Time
Now deal the damn cards, tonight i shine

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PostSubject: Re: MC - Lord of Poker   Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:41 pm

(( Nice one Danny, Like always. ))
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MC - Lord of Poker
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