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Update progress
Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:22 am by U.N. Owen
I'm half way done with v1.50, it would have been finished sooner. But i've been super busy the last few days, I apologize if no one has received their donation rewards yet. Please remain patient, I have indeed received and read all of your personal messages and made a list of what i need to do, I just haven't had any time to work on your rewards yet. On another; more personal note. The main reason for the delays is i've been "expanding" my business interests, you could say. I've recently opened an ebay account and i'm now getting a foot on to the online tradesman business, so far it's "junk" or "hand downs" that i'm selling off. If i can make some decent money with this, i'm hoping to one day, selling books, maybe games, and possibly even import/export goods. How does this benefit us? …

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Update news
Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:20 am by U.N. Owen
v1.50 will be delayed a few more days, as i now have acquired the script that contains the very buggy police commands. (/cuff, tazer system, 911, etc) and i will be spending a few days fixing them up. Planning for this to be a major update (Tag System, Phone/Mask system overhaul, Activities system, and more). However, The donation section will be opened tomorrow, and i will start re-instating all of the former donor's rewards in-game. If you are one of our donator's from before the shut-down, contact me either in-game or here by personal message with proof of who you are, and we can work out what rewards i can put back in-game for you.

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Update v1.49a is now live!
Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:34 am by U.N. Owen
UPDATE: Fixed the interior bug, i might have missed one or two interiors though. PM me if this is the case.

Another all-nighter... Hoo, i'm tired... Anyway, here you go.

- Cobra Martial Arts Gym Building added to Willowfield, complete with new interior.
- KungFu is now purchasable at the Cobra Gym, and Street Fighting (Grabkick) is now purchasable at the Gym in Santa Maria Beach.
- New Interior's: Ryder's House, Sweet's House, OG Loc's House (Non-Solid ground/walls fixed)
- Due to confusion, /buydrugs (used to buy from dealer bots) has now been merged with /shop
- Unused vehicle's now respawn every 45 minutes.
- Property system now live, you can purchase properties around Los Santos.
- Properties can now be scripted in-game by any level 5 administrator. No restarts required for changes …

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Roleplay & Party Server IPs
Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:23 am by U.N. Owen - .:: West Coast Life Roleplay: Beta ::.

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West Coast Life Roleplay "Birthday" Event!
Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:16 pm by U.N. Owen
West Coast Life Roleplay as a server, will be officially 4 years old tomorrow. However, it being the indirect offspring to Street Life Stories RPG, which was first hosted on the 10th of March 2009. And if you take my involvement with both servers, effectively makes this my 6th year of server management. So i guess that make's this community officially 6 years old? Anyway, enough of me talking nonsense. Tomorrow on the 13th, we will be hosting our usual "Event" gamemode. But this time, we will leave the original roleplay server open on IP: and use the event mode on IP:, The event mode server will be open for two days, running from the 13th all the way through to the 14th. You will not need to register to play there, nor will any of your account …

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Update v1.48 is now live! (Merged with v1.47)
Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:35 am by U.N. Owen
Another new update! I didn't make one for 1.47, so here's the full list of everything new!

- Weapons now fully respawn on death or down. If you get "busted" however, you will lose them for good. Can be updated if players find this unfair.
- The ability to switch fight styles and weapon styles implemented. New commands: /switchstyle and /switch
- Purchased fight styles are now permanent, and their price tags changed.
- You can upgrade your weapon skills by shooting the bottles at Emmet's.
- TextDraw bugs involving the phone system and "Welcome to West Coast Life" join messages have been fixed.
- House System online and fully operational.
- All "bad mapping" AKA: "Spas12 objects" were removed
- Fixed a bug where players who had a melee/dildo/cane in their posession, would sometimes spawn …

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Server Down
Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:08 am by U.N. Owen
Greetings all. It has recently came to my attention that the server is currently down and i cannot access the control panel in order to restart the game mode. The website, with whom we are hosting WCL with as of present, is also going through bouts of accessibility issues. They also haven't updated their social media in a while so i cannot get an update as to what the problem is or when there will be a fix. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you, but the server should be back in the next 24 hours if it's a minor issue on the hosts end. On the plus side, I'm feeling fairly confident that version 1.47 will be ready by the time the host has resolved their issue. So you can look forward to that!

~ U.N. Owen ~

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Name formats
Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:11 pm by Kompot
Alright, we gonna change the name format on the server, i'll be kicking those who have an incorrect name format, in a few days, we'll just add an auto kicker for that.

The new name format will include the gang tag with firstname_lastname like: [TAG]Ivan_Ostapov

Those who are in official factions, your official tags are:

-Idlewood MOB - [IM]
-Crown Town Salvatrucha - [CTS]
-LSPD - [PD]

Make sure to change your names guys, i'll be removing your old accounts, those who got money/weapons atm i'll refund.

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Update v1.46 is now live!
Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:34 am by U.N. Owen
First "big" update in a while, here we go! New stuff! You can thank me later.

- You now receive a message when kicked/banned.
- Police officers now get their weapons from the new LSPD Shooting Range & Armory.
- The /PM command has been updated, and several bugs with said command, has been fixed.
-Only official LSPD members can select Police skins. To become official, an admin must set you.
-Many sounds that play when an admin types a command, or when the player registers/logs in has been changed.

Coming in the next update

- Many police commands will be fixed. Including: Cuff/, -, /mp, etc
- New police command /jail
- Possible integration of an anti-cheat
- The LSPD locker's can be used to change into plainclothes.
- The ability to switch purchased fight styles and weapon shooting …

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Something that's been bothering me
Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:42 am by U.N. Owen
I just wanna get some things off my chest, as i feel some of you aren't getting the picture here... I've been watching how some of you have been acting the last few days on this forum and i'm quite disappointed with what i've been noticing, I'm sure Compton is getting fed up with this behavior as well. Just for clarification sake, I am not under any circumstance obligated towards continuing this project and i could stop right now if i wanted to, but i'm not and I will keep going, because some players, be you old members or new. Want a place where we can play, have a few laughs, and just have some good fun. I am not doing this for any other reason, not for us to become "Number #1 server on sa-mp", I ain't doing this to compete with other servers, and i sure as hell ain't doing it for the …

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Update Log: Password Removed - 25/06/2015
Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:07 am by U.N. Owen
Some of you have suggested to me on skype/steam that i should remove the password from the server, in hopes of increasing server activity. In compliance with those requests, I have done so. The server will remain password-less for the time being. However, if the server comes under constant attack by cheaters or other undesirable characters, then i will reinstate the password: indefinitely. In other news, the "civilian/citizen skin bug" has been fixed, and appropriate colors have been set for all available skins. We will post another update soon.

~ U.N. Owen ~

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Public Beta is now live!
Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:14 pm by U.N. Owen

Please be aware that the mode is nowhere near finished, and you will most definately come across bugs

If you happen to come across any bugs while in-game, please create a topic about it in the Bug Report section.

If you haven't applied and want to gain admission, please apply here: http://west-life.forummo.com/t8279-public-test-announcement-and-how-to-get-in
If you have applied but have yet to receive the password, please personal message me. As i may have forgotten some applicants due to being overworked.

~ U.N. Owen ~

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Faction changes
Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:33 pm by Kompot
The faction system is gonna go through slight changes because there is way too many factions and a huge lack of players, so no point of having so many factions, so all of the factions were removed. Now me and Owen agreed to have 3 official factions (LSPD didn't get removed, but it doesn't go into these 3 factions), doesn't have to be SP related, but can be, create whatever you want. Since there are no administrators currently as well, the decision of whether or not the faction will become official will be made by the amount of people that will support the faction and of course me and Owen will give out the final decision.

The gang leader applications are from now on open, you may start applying. Remember to put in effort into your topics, that is the main key to to get your faction …

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