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 East Side Ballas

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PostSubject: East Side Ballas   Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:12 am


During the downfall and poverty of late 1960's, in less fluent Jefferson district of Los Santos, a new culture which imitates the black power movement of greater South Central, Los Santos, being reborn by young youths in the Eastern district of South Central including neighbourhoods like Jefferson and Glen Park. From portraying the classic attire of several black power movements, these groups structured themselves into criminal like street organisations and often caused mayhem on the West Side of South Central including neighbourhoods such as Ganton, Willowfield and Seville.


On the Sunday afternoon of the 9th of May, 1978, deputy Charles Davenport reportedly confronted young African-American Dontavius Middleton in a regular traffic stop on Hamilton Drive, East Los Santos. Fellow African-Americans reportedly saw Davenport physically abusing Middleton or simply committing police brutality which sparked anger to fellow African-American individuals. Middleton reportedly retaliated which caused the arrival of more police cruisers which soon led to several officers assaulting Middleton. Fellow African-Americans soon came to Middleton's aid by retaliating physically. About an hour in, a small brawl between activists and authorities soon sparked into violent outrage in the East Los Santos/Jefferson district which caused a large amount of larceny among businesses, theft of produce, theft of electronics, vandalism and other elements of larceny. After a three days of havoc in Jefferson and East Los Santos, the national guards were sent in which soon took control the situation with help of their trained strategies and experience, this eventually led to the end of this outbreak.


In 1981, two African-American youths: Vontrell Miles and Theodore Wilkins structured a street gang which was known as the ''Holland mobsters'' which operated in Jefferson, South Central. This gang opposed several neighbourhoods on the West Side of the Southern freeway, primarily the neighbourhood of Ganton. Members of the Holland mobsters often clashed with members of the Ganton youths, primarily known as the ''Orange Grove Families''. Brawls and stabbings often occurred during this conflict which soon led to the beginning of an arms race. In 1982 members of the Holland Mobsters cliqued with youths from Glen Park soon forming a larger presence of hoodlums, they soon acquired the name ''East Side Ballas'' due to the Holland mobster's lucrative achievements. They eventually adopted the color purple in honour of fallen member Donovan ''Watts'' Watson who adored the color purple.


In the 1990's, the mentality of gangs turned a new leaf. The amounts of gang-warfare and drug chapters increased which led to the birth of crack-cocaine. Crack dens made with steel impenetrable windows and bared doors were created, slide your money in the door slot and out comes the produce, it was as easy as selling a box of apples at a fruit market. This gave the gang abilities into purchasing needs including the latest high-tech weaponry. Weekly drive-by shootings and walk-ups often occurred, residence often stated that sleeping in the bath-tub would be relevant to avoiding stray bullets, during this period the murder rate increased.


On Saturday March 21, 1990 at approximately 11:45 A.M. the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division conducted a search warrant on house number fifteen. Police stormed the residence, in conclusion police confiscated an approximate weighing of half a kilo of cannabis, ninety milligrams of cocaine, an AK-74u assault rifle and a total of $7580 in cash. In result three youths were held into custody including eighteen year old Calvin McLane and nineteen year old Jamari Lamar Overton.

Image taken by members of the C.R.A.S.H. unit.
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PostSubject: Re: East Side Ballas   Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:28 am

Let's go.

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PostSubject: Re: East Side Ballas   Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:08 pm

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East Side Ballas
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