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 .:East Side Ballas - Information:.

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PostSubject: .:East Side Ballas - Information:.   Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:13 pm

The late 80's and early 90's were a time of great unrest in Los Santos. Many people from the African/American community formed little and unorganized street gangs and fought each other for drugs, territory and money. Currently in our time, you can hardly imagine a different Los Santos. The city is a haven for criminals. Seemingly never ending ghettos and corrupt law enforcers in the city help Los Santos preserve its notorious nickname - The gang capital of America. Growing up in the slums of LS always gave you a strong temptation to give yourself into the life of crime and because of that, new gangs form in a matter of months. Currently the most well populated street gang in Los Santos is most obviously the Orange Grove Street Families. In 2010, a group of thugs were looking to profit from your typical baseheads that were searching for dealers to sell them drugs, such things were common amongst many people in the city. As expected, the money came with ease and you could find anybody willing to buy your goods just right around the corner, and in no time, these young thugs were devoured by greed. Soon enough they began building up a small group of individuals that were looking to sell drugs around their neighbourhood, but with that came a great price. The thugs knew well that their neighbourhood was a ticking bomb, any other small time rival crew can give you a rough time and take away your life if you were selling on the wrong block. There were hardly any places in Los Santos where gangs weren't settled in, and even in places free of gangs only lived rich people who were smart enough to deny buying drugs. The young men had been making a lot of money and soon payed the price for it, in blood. A not unexpected war emerged between the two small time crews. The wisest action in this situation was recruitment. You can find anyone to work for you, if you pay them the right price. The small time thugs now became a little over average in terms of size and managed to fight off their rivals and claim some territory to sell drugs on. The leader of this crew was named Jonathan Walker. Even though he was still young and foolish, his greed was fueling him for a goal- to grow his crew to the likes of other powerful gangs such as the Orange Grove Street Families, Los Santos Vagos and so on. In a way, he was successful. Jonathan managed to grow his organization to a noticably larger level and became so strong that other larger gangs began to recognize it as a serious threat. All of that was achieved by two years of long work and many casualties. Being located in Glen Park and still surrounded by smaller gangs, many gang members from different factions decided to merge with Jonathan’s group. This allowed Jonathan to take over new territory peacefully and gain new gang members per couple of weeks. The people mainly joined Jonathan’s side to be in a very powerful gang which controlled many different territories, including the territories from the smaller gangs which decided to work with Jonathan - allowing for more territory to sell on. This notorious faction began calling itself “The East Side Ballas”. The word got around quick about the opportunity for money while working with Jonathan. Soon, the gang bit off more than they can chew and offered a challenge to the Orange Grove Street Families- one of the most well populated and strongest gangs in Los Santos. After being a couple of years in the business, Jonathan’s time ran out. He was murdered in a bar by rival gang members. The faction was leaderless and lost without Jonathan, but then another person decided to step up and take off from where Jonathan left off. A close friend of Jonathan- Rick Browns began taking over the faction.

In Character:

1. Blood in, blood out - once you are in the crew there's no way out, except in a body bag.
2. Respect your hood and homies.
3. Always listen to your superiors.
4. Do not snitch. I put snitches in ditches when my trigger finger itches.

Out Of Character:

1. Once you enter this faction, you agree to be CK'ed whenever a superior sees fit to do so.
2. Respect other players, admins, helpers.
3. Do not rulebreak, rulebreakers decrease their chances to get into the gang.
4. Once you are official, always put faction cars where they belong so next time you will be able to use them.













Dope Pedlers

Temple Drive Ballas

Varrios Los Aztecas

Verona Beach Families

Slayermen Motorcycle Club

Forum Drive Families

Lanza Project Families

American Mafia

Los Santos Vagos
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.:East Side Ballas - Information:.
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