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 East Side Ballas Information

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PostSubject: East Side Ballas Information   East Side Ballas Information Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2017 1:17 pm

East Side Ballas

Gangs of Los Santos(LSPD Newspaper article) wrote:

The "East Side Ballas" is an African-American street gang in Los Santos. Not much is known about their early development stages, excepting their early rivalry with the once notorious "Orange Grove Families". Whereas the Families experienced a downfall in 1987 due to internal struggles, the Ballas achieved a height of power and notoriety, turning them from a small-time street gang to the most notorious street gang in the city of Los Santos. This in turn led to a change in the gang's leadership and functionality. Increased activity has, since then, been registered in the East Side of Los Santos. Citizens are advised to be careful when crossing these areas.

- Los Santos Police Department -

In order to join, you have to develop your character. That means you start young, and grow older as you rise through the ranks. The age of your character is up to you, however, it must be in the span of 13y/o - 18 y/o. Your character HAS to be born, or own a home in either ESB affiliated vicinities.


- Try to keep /b on a minimum.
- Remember to always RP in any given situation.
- Keep in mind that you're a teenager, unfamiliar to the crime life, thus you should RP accordingly.
- Under no circumstance should you PG or MG. This also consists in doing unrealistic stuff, or not giving someone a chance to respond to your /me, thus enforcing a kind of RP on him.
- By joining the faction, you give permission to the leader and co leader of the gang to CK you anytime they see fit to do so.
- Show fear and respect to the members of the police force. They are the higher authorities, and the wielders of supreme power. Do not disrespect them, or try to harm them, especially when alone or outnumbered. Exceptions to the rule only apply WITH the faction leader's permission and supervision.
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East Side Ballas Information
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