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 Loco - See my haters!

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PostSubject: Loco - See my haters!   Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:18 am


A'Yo, It's Loco Loco, y'all already know what it is. Most of y'all ain't ready for this shit, niggas.
Y'all girls know who it is, Loco Deleon, uh'. Tell yo' boyfriends: Bye-Bye.
Seville B-L-V-D Families, know'm talking 'bout? The gang Entertainment, niggas.

This shit be for-- most of y'all. It's dedicated to every one of y'all who hates on me, know'm talking 'bout? AH-HA
Seems like y'all bitches been like my baby's moma, always causing drama, right? Well I'ma give y'all a reason to make drama.

Big shoutout to my real street nig' Lemonada and Bama. Big big shoutout to my street nig' from Seville.

-/-Starts at 0:41-/-
[First verse]
See you wanted attention, niggas? Then this song if for you!
If y'all would be me and I'd be on yo' shoes, I'd pro'ly hate on me too.
Niggas you don't know me, Loco been all night on yo' baby's momas.
I'm a convicted nigga, I been down with the dramas.
I been playing on yo' stereo, surfing in yo' area.
Takin' over yo' trap 'cause niggas, I ain't scared of ya'.
Y'all are loud mouth niggas, always talking like ya'll do sum'.
Swimmin' with the fishes, call the lake yo' aquarium.
Niggas, I'm a trapstar while y'all hustle with yo' fingers crossed
Hoping you're gona make some, like one of y'all could be the boss. Ahah'!
I'ma stay stunnin', with whips that you can't afford.
In the streets shinnin' everyday 'cause I hustle more.
Niggas how do you match that? Money ain't a problem.
I got a trap-boom like the 80's back in Harlem.
With one dollar I made hunna's, so nigga what it do?
Screamin' ''Fuck dollars bills''? Na' niggas. Fuck you!

[Second verse]
I give y'all some tips, niggas. The name's Loco Deleon.
As you can see, on the booth as Big L, I put it on!
I graduated Corner High, Im street smart. A genius lyrically.
Loco's rhymes getting you fucked up due to the complexity--..now seriously. Ahah'!
My jewels are ice blue, same color as heaven.
Red 'n Blue Charger, call that bitch Nine Eleven.
Tell bye-bye to yo' girlfriends 'cause I'ma call 'em bitches tonight.
Loco be that light-skinned nigga, gettin' pussies, yeah that's right.
We just tryn'a see how many babies she can digest.
Playa Del Seville, bitches. I'm from the projects.
She ridin' my dick like a rollercoaster from Disneyland.
Yo' girl wanting the D again? It feels good to be Puerto-Rican.
I'm ridin' in Three Hunna' while y'all depends of circumstances.
Pinole nigga front on me, I make you ride in ambulances.
Always hatin' but tryn'a be like me? See I call that some ignorant shit.
Acting like y'all be someone, .45 in the club, y'all scared to commit.
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PostSubject: Re: Loco - See my haters!   Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:44 am

Daayyuum, Loco ! This Shi' was Dope ! Yall know what it is..- S-V-L Boulevard Families 4 Live, Fam!
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Loco - See my haters!
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