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 Loco - Mi vida loca

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PostSubject: Loco - Mi vida loca   Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:37 am

Loco Loco up in here, boy. I graduated Corner High, know'm talking 'bout? El ghetto, esa es mi vida loca.
As they say, it's real recognize real, niggas. Real street nig' will understand this song, uh'.

[Starts at 0:22]

Sometimes I sit and think "Hey, what the fuck wrong with me?"
Governement made these ghettos 'n it gave me this mentallity.
Niggas can't take it, they starts to panic, turnin' alcoholic.
Welcome to 'Ville, home of murderers, gangsters 'n drugs addict.
You want to be a tourist? Come over 'n see it ain't no myth.
Calling us criminals? Then you be the victims on our street.
Niggas be more vicious than Freddy and Jason.
Ain't no knife nor machete, bustin' with AK-47
Highest crime rate, niggas hustling hard, it's recession.
Nothing to rely on, boy. We fightin' against depression.
I ain't going back, I'm already too deep the in game.
Change the 'hood 'n change the nig', the game remains the same.
Worse than army 'cause we be the U.S murders capital.
Lil' Pakistan, call my boys soldiers 'n general.
Corrupted narc', have you ever seen one of 'em pull over a rich?
They never harrased yo' nigga? Then yo' boy pro'ly a snitch.
"Shut the fuck up, son. 'Fore I sent your ass back to Africa."
I'm Puerto-Rican, sir. I was born in America.
"I don't give a fuck, son. You're guilty, you was born a nigga."
I'll be the next Rodney King if I call that narc' a cracker.
Free my brother Pinochio 'n my niggas who are locked.
It's Tremaine Deleon, Straight Loco from F-Block.
Better recognize, Corner High, street made empire.
My lines being so hot, I'm turning the booth on fire.
This rap's my motivation, boy. I see pain in my vision.
Families up in here, boy. Fuck your retalition.
Putting 'Ville on the map, that's my operation.
I ain't gona murk, nigga. I got a different division.
Adrenaline be my stimulation 'cause gun-shots ain't simulation.
Get it, West-Coast-Connection, it's my gangsta nation.
Big shoutout to my niggas CJ, Smoke 'n Lemonada.
Ganton Fam' represent, my niggas be on the corner.
G-Street Fam' be dangerous, even more vicious.
Busting caps at a nigga if he looks suspicious.
Shootout to my boy Dan, SBF nig' since the 80's.
That nigga wrote history like Tupac did in the 90's.
What's up to my lil' brother Cortez a-k-a Tezo'.
Hispanic connection from 'Ville to San Juan, Puerto-Rico.
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Loco - Mi vida loca
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