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 Loco - Street Story

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PostSubject: Loco - Street Story   Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:19 pm

Loco Deleon, uh'? Graduated Corner High, know'm talking 'bout?
Shii', my papa died by the gun, I'll die by the gun and if I ever have a son he pro'ly die by the same.

[First & Only Verse - Starting at 0]

Here's the story of my ambitions as a ridah.
I'm looking at my sister then I look up at my brother.
Three more kids grewing up without a father.
Mama's fucked up, rents-bills swallowing her.
So I graduated Corner High, had no choice to become an hustler.
She slowly seen her baby boy became a paper-chaser.
As always, shit turned wrong, the drama just takin' over.
Shit I wish he shot me instead he shot my brother.
Don't worry 'bout nothang, boy, I got shit covered.
Our mother, I hug her, I told her that you loved her.
Started hang with new nig', all I got is a dolla 'n a dream.
Just wan' be a famous rapper and make it to eighteen.
Six years since that day, boy, I'm still in this game.
Tryn'a change the frame but the picture still the same.
I spit pain 'cause that's all I really ever know.
I guess it's what it's when you grew up in the ghetto.
Walking down the block with my nig', talking in slang.
With that smile on my face, I just heard them ''bang''.
Four caps on my body, a nig' brang me closer to my faith.
Uncousious in a pool of blood, smashed by death.
Busting two more caps, tryn'a settle my destiny.
Atleast for the fisrt time ever, nigga felt stress-free.
I heard a familiar voice ''Bra', come here to me''.
It might have been my brother, I couldn't quite see.
I told him ''I can't go it's too much I'll miss.''
Never had a child, never gave my wife a kiss.
Asking the lord why he took me away that young?
''With such lifestyle, son. You won't live that long''.
Bullets burning? I felt like I was on fire.
Such a karma, being victim of my own empire.
I can't win against the lord, seems I was born a sinner.
No matters what I'm always guilty, I was born nigga.
Medical's miracle, doctors said I was a fighter.
I got my'self more time 'fore a nigga fuck me over.
Lord, it's cold out here, what can I say?
They said the good die young, I must be on my way.
Don't worry 'bout nothing, boy, I'm closer to my faith.
If I die a twenty, I guess I must've been great.
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Loco - Street Story
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