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 Big K' - Regulate [Basement Recorded]

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PostSubject: Big K' - Regulate [Basement Recorded]   Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:05 am

Uh, Check it ..

Me and my niggas real, down to kill for the Green Rag
Seville Blvd' Families put you niggas in a body bag
Moms was a mother and a father since my pops was neva' dere
I give her props for raising a man, So she keeps me in her prayers
I thank god that im still alive, so you bitch made niggas betta realize
that Ima get mine, no time for you fake niggas, Im tryna' make it to the
top until the day that my casket drop, Im tryna put Seville on the fuckin' map
so niggas know where Im commin at.. money aint shit without family and thats
a fact, you would never be able to follow in my tracks, you dont know what I been threw
Neglected at age two, i had to hustle reguardless, my niggas blowin in the wind
I guess karmas a bitch, All the niggas lifes that I took im surprised there aint a priest
at my funeral reading gods book, you think this shits bad wait til you hear the hook, uh..

[Chorus];[x2] Lifes a bitch thats somthing we can all agree on,
you dont know what you have until the shits gone, Regulate nigga

Im a thug just like I was raised ima bang SBF until I reach my grave
this rap shits from the heart Im not even getting paid, im selfmade
Gangsta f'real I aint just sayin' shit im more real then a pussy, cause nigga
Ima dick, lifes not a game the shits a trick, Rest in peace to my nigga mich
if you want problems then im your fuckin' man Ill kidnap your bitch in
my fuckin van, drive to nowhere dump her body ina dam, now thats real shit mannn'
I tell the truth on that I raise my right hand, I promise to tell nothing but the truth so help me god
I'm sorry that im somthing that your not, get used to it, Im so sick I puke fluids, I only
make raw music, Big K' nigga..

[Chorus];[x2] Lifes a bitch thats somthing we can all agree on,
you dont know what you have until the shits gone, Regulate nigga
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Big K' - Regulate [Basement Recorded]
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