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 Big K' - Seville [Basement Recorded]

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PostSubject: Big K' - Seville [Basement Recorded]   Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:55 am

[Talkin]: Ima let you niggas know, fuck with ma' fam you dead nigga
execution style two shots to the head, uh

Helicopters keepin' me up at night, Nightmares aint shit
compared to real life, moms on the crack pipe, pops was neva' there
walkin' to the bus stop, bodies everywhere, for show and tell I brought
a toe tag from my cousins murder scene, age of 13 green rag hangin'
out my baggie jeans I had to hustle to get things that mom couldent afford
by the age of 17 I had my own dodge Ford sittin' on 24's, Im the scarface
of the ghetto, kidnap your niggas dump they body in the medo,
as a kid I had my own medal, cops tryna' bust a nigga so I stomp on the pedal
called my nigga Jones tell em' I need a sack, got the baking soda
in my mamas house cookin' crack, makin money left in right sellin that shit for top price
if you don't got the exact cash then nigga take a hike

[Chorus];[x3] This is seville nigga, shit is f'real have you leakin' after hittin' you
wit da steal, me and ma niggas shoot to kill

I stuggle in this life of mine, don't go no where without my rag and my nine
so ima criminal cause Im black not because i commit a crime
gettin beat by the cops, it aint new, it happens all the time
my color causes anger they the ones that brought us here
we was fuckin' slaves, so i punch the fuckin' mirror afta seein myself
we livin' in poverty while whites livin' in wealth, they dont care about
no-body eles they dont know what i felt when i seen my brother die
they dont know what its like to see your mother cry.. because she lost
her youngest son, im tired of this life whens this shit guna' be done
its fuckin' dumb, gettin killed over a pair of shoes
they never show a black male that lost his life on the news,
instead they talk about other shit, like how we getting fucked by the government
Straight ridah, I don't ride alone .. fuckin' feds tryna' tap ma phone
I did this rap shit on my own, I got a camera in every 2'inch of my home
you fuck with my family nigga you just picked a bone, slugs leave you niggas deceased 'n
have you on the side walk lookin' like reecie pieces, me and ma' niggas eatin' in'ya hood
creepin', Im a seville fuckin' demon .. uh

[Chorus];[x3] This is seville nigga, shit is f'real have you leakin' after hittin' you
wit da steal, me and ma niggas shoot to kill

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Big K' - Seville [Basement Recorded]
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