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 Big K' - Hate me til I'm bagged up [Basement Recorded]

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PostSubject: Big K' - Hate me til I'm bagged up [Basement Recorded]   Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:30 am

[Verse starts at 1:00]

Straight gangsta til they bag me up i feel like I had enough
niggas fuckin' actin tough, until the shotty dose damage after 5
pumps, blow a hole in a niggas chest, now whos next?
Ima killa and thas one thing fo'sho im not here to rap on the mic
im here to give you niggas advice, ballin' hard you can tell by my ice
i remember when I used to eat beans and rice for breakfast
now i got 5 star dinners cause ima big nigga, aint nobody to mess
with, talk to my strap he'll teach you fools a lesson, lifes a bitch not a blessin'
so tell me whos the fuckin' G i got you niggas scared to fuck with me
Hated by the world all I want is my
little girl, to know that her daddy was a Gee
and that I tried my best to give her everything she needs
prayin' to god as im on my knees, begging for her to live a better life
I dont want her to grow up like me,I hope me and god can make a menz
and I dont want to be a dead beat cause anotha man gone try'to take you in
I want my daughter to know that I love her, and if somthing happens to me
I want to know that someone will still hug her, and love her like her dad
and give her the shit that I never had, exactly like a dad - Lifes short and I dont plan on
leavin', because my daughters the only reason, i wana make sure she lives to see
her father breathin'

[Chorus]; [x2] Born in this Family, they gone hate me til i'm bagged up
hate me til i'm bagged up hate me til im bagged up

If you a thug put them glocks in the air, if you a hustla
slang them rocks on the peer, if you a gee letme see you bang your team, uh..
Seville to the fullest have you punks duckin dodgin bullets, where ever
im aimin is where the holes is, i dont let off the trigger til the clip drops
thats only one thing i learned from my dead beat pops, this gang banging
shit will never stop, i shoot until my hands hot and thats real nigga, you
claim you bang but i aint see a damn thang nigga, im from the block where niggas get kill't
just take a look at this organisation that we built, leave you niggas stretched out
like small shirts, ;eft hook to you niggas where it hurts, .. real nigga shit, uh..

[Chorus]; [x2] Born in this Family, they gone hate me til i'm bagged up
hate me til i'm bagged up hate me til im bagged up
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Big K' - Hate me til I'm bagged up [Basement Recorded]
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