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 Status Update - 02/22/2016

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Status Update - 02/22/2016 Empty
PostSubject: Status Update - 02/22/2016   Status Update - 02/22/2016 Icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2016 9:10 pm

Technically, it has only been 5 days since the last status update, but I decided to release these every Monday as that seems like the most logical way of doing this.

As promised, this week's status update won't be as long as last week. This week I explain on what I have been up to since the last status update and what is yet to come. The news that everyone wants to hear is when the server is going online and unfortunately I stay by my infamous answers: "soon", "shortly". Server funds are in and I'm very close to putting the server up with the gamemode that I have been developing since December of last year. Imagine me sighing as you're reading through this, because it has been a very hard to get to this point. Don't worry, that's all I'm going to bore you with in this status update.

What's new?
Player attachments and stores are back. They were already implemented but lacked sub-features to made them of any significant use. This has been dealt with; you can now save your attachments for yourself and/or for your faction. Obviously only leaders and co-leaders can save attachments for the faction they're leading. A highly requested sub-feature for stores is the ability to rob them. That is now possible. In fact, everyone can rob a store. More information regarding this will be announced later this week.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to steal vehicles. I very vaguely talked about this in the past if I recall correctly. It was an idea and many seemed to like it, though, I never got the chance to develop it. The vehicle script itself was a huge deal to develop and implementing this feature was even harder. A mistake could be disastrous for the whole vehicle script. Nevertheless, I managed to implement it. It is now going through a thorough testing phase. I will announce when this feature is fully operational with as few bugs as possible.

A fourth and last fix for this week's update is gun dealers. Before closing the server a month ago, DaParasite reported that the actors were not positioned correctly. They were often placed in the street next to their alley/location. This is now fixed too. Please note that actors are internally very buggy and I'm still waiting for a more stable update of the actors to be released. Will try to fix most bugs myself or work around them, but that's not always possible. Bear with me on this matter.

What's next?
My top priorities are the implementation of more sub-features to the vehicle and weapon script. These include: fuel, maintenance, item storage in vehicles, semi-realistic damage of both the vehicles and the weapons, the legal sale of weapons, legal licensing of races and weapons via the Police Department and an MDC for the police department.

That's all for this week's status update. Suggestions are always welcome. I often don't know what to do next. Your suggestions help a bunch!

- Yepperson
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Status Update - 02/22/2016
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