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 Status Update - 02/17/2016

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PostSubject: Status Update - 02/17/2016   Status Update - 02/17/2016 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 17, 2016 11:28 pm

This week's status update explains what happened to West Coast Life RP, my plans for 2016 and more.

What happened to West Coast Life RP
Nothing. Literally nothing. West Coast Life RP is not dead. It is not going anywhere. The server has been down for over a month, I know! I apologise for the long downtime.

Many of you should know that a quality gamemode takes time to develop. I hope you understand that.
I would like to thank the loyal members of this community for waiting, bearing with me and basically support me. I know my words mean nothing to most of you because of my past with Golden State (jokes incoming), but thank you nevertheless.

For those who don't know about why the server went down: the initial reason for the downtime can be read here.

So, if nothing happened to West Coast Life RP, what have you been doing then?
You might have asked yourself or someone else this after reading the paragraph above, hence why I'm answering it, duuh. I have been experimenting with PAWN (the main language used by SAMP to create scripts) and C#. That's right. I took a huge step out of the frame and started exploring C# with a "Hustle and Live 4a" update in mind. Now, with exploring I don't mean getting to know the language -- That'd be a huge loss of time if that was the case. I mean exploring as in trying to create scripts using C# instead of PAWN for reasons that I will not state here as I don't want to bore anyone out. Feel free to ask me for these reasons if you want to know them. Luckily, a plugin to do this is available and it didn't take me long to start writing the update.

Rewriting the gamemode that I have now would take me another two months keeping in mind that I'm in my last year and I have around four active school projects that I have to finish by the end of June. That being said, I still continued to build onto the gamemode that I have made in PAWN while working on the C# version of WCL (mostly bug fixing).

I have one goal for the upcoming two weeks and that is to get West Coast Life up and running again with an enjoyable gamemode as I intended to do when I took over the project.
My secondary goal is to get the C# version of the gamemode up and running by the end of 2016, though this is highly doubtable as I will be going to university by September 2016 (located across the country). Will keep you updated on that.

All fine and dandy but what is new?
Apart from the — quote, unquote — flawless features, not much. Do you recall the boombox update? It included vehicle radios that worked like boomboxes. This update was incomplete and above all seriously buggy. This huge update was reworked and works completely now. In order for it to work properly, the boombox and the radio scripts had to be able to work parallel with each other and that's what I failed at in the first update. I did succeed doing just that in the second update.
The second thing on the list of working updates is the phone script. This was actually the very first feature implemented in the "Hustle and Live 3a" update. It has been updated and is almost fully working. The factions have also gotten their revamp; including: PD script is operational, the creation of gangs is handled partly different and handling the vehicle's parameters have also been changed and will still go through some changes during the up time of the server.

Help requested!
We are still in need of assistance on various aspects of having an online server. More information on what these aspects include and how to help can be found here. I am looking forward to having a few loyal peeps helping me bring this server to a success.

That's all for this week. Obviously, next week won't be this much.

Note: I moved the topic holding all the script updates till the 27th of December to the basket as I will be posting these weekly status updates from now on. Yes, I got inspired by a game that I play to do it this way.
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Status Update - 02/17/2016
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