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 Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)

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Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Empty
PostSubject: Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)   Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 11:02 pm

Credits and Contents.
This is none  of my own copyrights(c) and I take no credits from creating anything of the below written. I am indeed just too lazy to create my own work. So I found this from LS-RP forums.
Here, you'll find out how to role play properly as an biker or old-lady(biker female).

Eventually, the credits goes to:
PART ONE - Ruskie.
PART TWO - Gods&Monsters.

Role Playing properly as a Biker.


As opposed to what many people think about bikers, they are not society's lowest level, they are not head-on robbers. A biker, by definition, is a person who lives under his own "law-umbrella", and whose beliefs are based on his daily needs. A biker won't ever hit a woman, unless she provoked him. Bikers are the definition of brotherhood, honesty, courage, teamwork. That's why MC's were formed, to band up bikers under a single banner.
I'll talk about 1%(one percenter MCs) here, simply because all of the MCs this server has are representing 1% ones(Outlaws.)
Quote :
Outlaw or one percenter can mean merely that the club is not chartered under the auspices of the American Motorcyclist Association,[7] implying a radical rejection of authority and embracing of the "biker" lifestyle as defined and popularized since the 1950s.Outlaw motorcycle clubs who identify with this subculture are not necessarily criminals, with members expressing their outlaw status on a social level, and not necessarily equating the word outlaw with criminal activity.

GIVE RESPECT, EARN RESPECT: This is what everyone should have in mind. Under NO circumstances disrespect a higher ranked member within an MC, or, in general, anyone. You wouldn't know when this could backfire. For example, in the early days of my biker RP, I considered myself the toughest bad-ass around, and had a big mouth around some gang hanging in Glen Park. Needless to say, I was robbed and killed (ICly, lol)not even half an hour later.
I learned that respect is the key-thing. Another suitable example would be connections. A biker needs connections. Contacts for illegal cheap booze, a guy that can supply him bike parts that got shipped "under the hand". He needs some reliable weapons to carry. All of that requires contacts. That means ...countless RP opportunities.

LEARN YOUR PLACE: I assume most of the people reading this guide will want to join an MC. An MC is not a gang, not a Family, not a Mafia. They do not sit at the corner of the street, pushing coke.
An MC(otherwise known as a Motorcycle Club) is an organization based on respect, brotherhood and loyalty. The patches every biker will sport(otherwise known as colors/club colors amongst the initiated) will show the true personality of the one wearing them. For example, my character wouldn't befriend a biker with the [NAZI] patch, because my character hates the Nazis.
Anyways, back to the topic, having a bike and a biker skin doesn't make you a biker. I've seen people acting as they were tough and such, but when the situation called, they just vanished. Stick with what your character is. No 30 y.o biker will run from a confrontation, especially if it involves his personal moral values.

GETTING YOUR WAY IN: Getting "patched" into an MC is the equal of getting "Ragged" within a gang. It means that your leather vest is no longer empty, it has a three piece patch on the back:
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) 1295647275-club-name
TOP ROCKER-curved shape, usually has the club's name on it
CENTER PATCH-This is usually the logo of the MC
BOTTOM ROCKER-Same as the top rocker, usually has the territory the MC resides written on it. The bottom rocker is what most people will look at first, since it represents the area said MC resides in. It can be accompanied by a side rocker, if the MC hosts more charters in the same state, thus gaining the privilege of claiming the state rocker. In this specific case, the state rocker is not a territorial patch, it's more of a privileged patch.

The first stage: you will be a hang-around. No matter how old you are, no matter how many scars you got, you will start as a hang-around. Be respectfully to ALL the Club members, do as you're told, and maybe you'll have a chance.
Getting the Prospect patch. Prospects are like probationary members of the Club. They are "servants", they gotta do what they're told, but they're more involved into club's business.
Prospects only sport the bottom rocker, accompanied by a [PROSPECT] patch. Respect all the higher ranks, this is a must, and under no circumstances, DO NOT approach two patched(or above) members while they're talking, unless you're being told to. I witnessed CK's happen due to breaking this rule.
You've made it!: Well, if you passed the Prospect stage, you're now a PATCHED MEMBER!! You know what that means?! You have full rights at the table, you're one of the pack, you're being able to participate in the church(Church is the weekly Club meeting, where important (such as rivals, deals, business, promotions)topics are discussed.Prospects are unable to join the church.)
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Front-patch-vest-motorcycle-gang
No.It is not that. Besides having the obvious advantages, you are responsible for your actions in front of the whole MC.
What you will do, will reflect upon the other members. Most MCs are the "one for all and all for one " type. Don't bring heat on your club.(Just an example)

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Hells.angels.motors.425

Rides are equivalent of "going out" for an MC. Basically, the club's members ride their bikes into an arrow/two-rows formation. This is mostly used as a display of force and numbers, in front of the potential enemies.
Also, rides are used to show off your bikes. Usually, bikes are heavy, and some of them have ape-hangers (high custom handlebars, that make the rider look like an ape when he has his hands over them). Usually the rides have the President of the Club at front, followed by the higher ranks, patched members, prospects, hangarounds.

PATCHES: The patches your character's vest has are so-called trophies.Even though one may not refer to those patches as trophies, certain patches are given upon clearing certain "achievements". For example:
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2nDbo3y46KZ32X1Z5S9e0G6m5u4zfDub6iH1BRDuVZ2UUcR5u5g
[13]13 - this is used to symbolize the letter M which may stand for several meanings including motorcycle, marijuana, methamphetamine, or a secret meaning only known to the members.
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT0sXPITAp-oWXrPFSFw51sv32dYfCPcBLtLzKJSw6Zmt_YQ-x9

DILLIGAF: DILLIGAF stands for "Do I look like I give a fuck?"
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Mffm

FF: The FF patch usually has the club's initials before and after the FF. As you can see in the image, MFFM means "Mongols Forever Forever Mongols".(example)
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTn3b3EMLDwe_XM9jW22zi0bVervvLy8ODP--k8lHm6GdMfRpvWlQ

ITCOB:ITCOB means "I took care of business".
Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSGucWj8n8XSg6-r2T8lF-8eu_OLu4cBZue9tgKALEZVAqXA4GwYg
Men of Mayhem:This patch is usually seen on members of the club who KILLED for the club's purposes, although it may have different meanings to different MC's.

Patches are EARNED, not sewed on.You can't just say"Hey, having this [MEN OF MAYHEM] patch will make girls wanna fuck me". No, this kind of behavior and usually filling your vest up with patches usually will lead to your demise within an MC.
Of course, there MANY more patches, but each of them ha a different meaning for different MC's.

Other issues:
-The bike is like your third arm. Bikers don't drive, they ride.. Being in your car (often refered as cage amongst motorcycle enthusiasts) more than on your hog(again, slang for motorcycle) makes you a "cager", something that a biker shouldn't be called.
Take care of your bike, like it would be your brother.
-Make sure your character has its weakness. Even though you're a bearded leather-clad muscleman, you always have to have a weakness. Either an emotional one or a physical one. People that roleplay all-around ironmen are not the most enjoyable.
-Don't start drama. You're a biker, you have feelings, but you don't come sobbing because another member fucked your Property. It happens, settle it with a fist fight. Every character should have an emotional development aswell, but don't overdo it.

-Of course, respect server rules at ALL times.
- A lot of the information you find online and watch in movies/tv shows that presents ALL 1%'er's as ruthless criminals is horribly misconstrued and are just plain misconceptions. These men have families, girlfriends, wives, children. Being an 'outlaw' doesn't always mean do the usual robberies, killings, raping, what have you.You can still be an outlaw biker and not engage your character in criminal acts. It doesn't make you less of a one-percenter but more a human and it gives your character a personality of his own. Remember that there are two sides to every coin. I'm not saying everyone should act this way and be completely one-sided, it's sub-par roleplay thinking this way.(credits to Hooligan for this one)
-RP as a biker has TONS of opportunities :Clean your bike, go for an oil change, learn how to do it yourself, go steal some gearing's for it...anything! Go for a country ride, get wasted at a pub, beat up a punk who scratched your fuel tank! But don't overdo it!
- Patch displaying should come in /ame's. For example: /ame 's patches [ASDASD] [MC] [1%] [SAN ANDREAS] [VETERAN] ....
-Please, please, RP your bike model. You will NOT get into an MC by roleplaying a Freeway.
/do (or /ame) Alexander 's bike is a 1979 Harley Davidson 238974hajhds1h if you take a closer look at it.
-Know some basic mechanic RP. Roleplaying fixing a hog is one of the easiest way of showing you know your shit.

Role-playing a female within a motorcycle club.

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) IDcPG2yCJ0sJ4

(This is not what all property vests look like, this varies depending on the motorcycle club itself)

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) GdwwWvN

When people see women around outlaw motorcycle clubs, there is usually a stigma attached to them; redneck sluts, prostitutes, easy and unclean women. Although these stigmas can appear true and are sometimes the case, there are a number of things that a woman can be within an MC that does not entail such degrading standards. Many of these women come from various backgrounds; country ‘redneck’ girls, city girls, rich and poor backgrounds and of various ages. They will more often than not succumb to the lifestyle and culture of the club they latch onto and remain with that club until the day they die/divorce.

‘Outlaw’ by definition means “somebody who is rebellious or flouts the law”.

I will stress that this is not that case for ALL motorcycle clubs as it varies from club to club depending on their ethics and stance. For example, some motorcycle clubs accept female members and allow them to be patched in where as others will keep them only as an ol’ lady or the alternate which will be explained below. The following categories have been taken from an article entailing all women involved in most 1%r clubs.

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) YzFNOWO

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) G3sksN7

1. Lay: This is someone that is convenient to satisfy an immediate sexual urge without complicating things with emotional attachments, obligations, or money. The actual vernacular used for this woman is spelled with four letters instead of the three letters seen here.

2. Sweetie: This woman is somebody you date. There might even be cohabitation, but no particular commitments exist.

3. Mamas or Sweet Butts: These are women that hang-around or live at the clubhouse. She is property of the club and sometimes part of a stable of prostitutes or topless dancers that bring their money into the club’s membership in return for housing, protection, power and a little profiling at events. She will also keep the clubhouse and motorcycles clean. Her primary goal is to be taken as an “Ol Lady” by one of the club members however this can take months/years.

4. Ol Lady: Some say Old Lady and others argue about using the 'd' on the end of old. However you choose to pronounce it - - when a biker decides he likes a woman well enough to keep her as his personal property, he takes her as his Ol Lady. The term Ol Lady is a term of endearment, not one of disrespect. She may or may not have any choice in the matter of being made his Ol Lady. Once he has introduced her as his Ol Lady to his brothers, it is his choice to determine if or when the relationship is over. He will usually present her with a property patch to wear on her vest that says “Property of _________ (club name followed by biker’s name and the patch is in club colors). In some cases a tattoo somewhere on the Ol Lady's body will suffice as a property patch. The property patch is the social equivalent of a wedding ring. A good Ol Lady will attend runs with her Ol Man; help in any way with club functions and will even pack (carry) his weapons or drugs. Being an Ol Lady is wife status and greatly respected. Sometimes there is a legal marriage and sometimes there isn’t. This is strictly a personal choice. Also, having multiple Ol Ladies at one time isn’t all that unusual.

5. Citizen Wife: Sometimes Bikers will legally marry a citizen wife and keep her completely separate from his biker culture. She is not included in on runs or parties and is kept out of club business. She is there to maintain a clean home front and raise the children in an uncontaminated, citizen environment. Also, in some cases, an outlaw biker will keep a legally married citizen wife at home and also an Ol Lady on the side as his biker companion.

6. House Mouse: Young girls (usually runaways) will sometimes end up at biker functions, looking for ‘a walk on the wild side’. These young girls, depending on their temperament, can be taken home as a gift to the biker’s Ol Lady. She will help with house work and babysitting in return for free room, board and protection. Most of the time, she is not used sexually, but that’s always a possibility. This depends on all the dynamics of the home. If she is 'trainable' she may eventually become a Mama or an Ol Lady to another member of the club.

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) YzFNOWO

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) KmTF6an

When women from alternate clubs cross paths there will often either be tension between the two depending on the stance of their men/club or they will make the effort to get along as it is a mutual lifestyle they both share and understand. When there are many women that belong to the MC or its members, it is likely that conflict will arise amongst themselves as a hierarchy soon builds between them. Sweetbutts and those alike often look up to the Ol Lady’s (property) as a role model because these women have gained what they desire and what they hope to achieve.

She will listen to her man/the club or suffer the consequences which can often be dire. An Ol’ lady will more often than not put her life on the line for her man/the club and do whatever she can to keep things afloat. No woman should bring heat on the club or bring conflict/problems. Her loyalty is expected to be 100% no matter what and if it is in question at any time then it is down to the club to decide what will happen to her. Any work, both legal and illegal, should be mentioned to her man/the club so long as it does not interfere with clubs business or the brotherhood.

The women will often remain anonymous when quizzed about the club she rides with to those outside of the motorcycle club lifestyle which is a very sensible thing to as it can often lead her, her man and the club into trouble if she gives too much away. Her decisions must be wise as the club is her family, the decisions will impact not only her but also everyone else. She is expected to behave properly and keep protocols and reasonable sobriety when she is not with her man/the club. Club women must show a great deal of wisdom. Without it, she could conceivably cause trouble for the entire club and of course, that would end up causing trouble for her.

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) YzFNOWO

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) HoRdCMw

Most three piece patch motorcycle clubs will not allow women to become a full member as they are viewed as being ‘property of’ the men within the club. These women can hang out, party and do as they’re told but cannot participate in all that the club will do. They do not have the same privileges as the male members as they are not part of motorcycle club itself. The motorcycle club is a man’s club; it is a brotherhood and has a bond that they will strive for, not allowing room for failure or risk putting that in jeopardy over a woman.

However, more often than not, one piece patch motorcycle will allow a woman to join a full patched member and actually wear the clubs patches. With that said, the woman must follow what all male members do when bring brought into the club. They must work through the ranks of being a hang around, becoming a prospect and only then becoming a full patched member. Some women may find when they reach prospect that they feel degraded and choose not to move on as it is a testing position to have.

Riding clubs also accept female members and there are regional and national motorcycle clubs that aren’t in fact associated with any male motorcycle clubs. There is a minority of female only motorcycle clubs that posses s their own patches and are in no way related to the brotherhood.

Women are simply excluded from most predominantly male motorcycle clubs merely because of tradition. The tradition took off after WWII when soldiers, sailors and pilots had returned but wanted to keep hold of that club like feeling, forming cliques together and finding motorcycles. They rode together in formation just like flying planes in a squadron. This brotherhood continued forward through the years as a standard among motorcycle clubs.

This brotherhood bond is not one that the majority of motorcycle clubs are willing to jeopardize. Aside from tradition, there are also practical reasons behind the denial of women in the clubs. If a female patch holder was to start a romance with a male patch holder, there is a good chance of conflict and tension amongst the club members, especially if this a romance blossoming with a member of a different club. Jealousy sets in and then most likely revenge will be taken. The club may start fragmenting into smaller cliques who in turn washes away the closeness and brotherhood bond that motorcycle clubs strive for.

Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) YzFNOWO

Of course, as previously stated, this isn’t for all motorcycle clubs as not all are outlaw bikers and it isn’t always how things go in-game. It’s good to have some knowledge on what you’re roleplaying whether you’re diving straight in or starting from the bottom and working your way up. Pushing boundaries happens daily and this is only a guide to help the flow of your in-game development.

Credits and Contents.
This is none  of my own copyrights(c) and I take no credits from creating anything of the above written. I am indeed just too lazy to create my own work. So I found this from LS-RP forums.
Here, you'll find out how to role play properly as an biker or old-lady(biker female).

Eventually, the credits goes to:
PART ONE - Ruskie.
PART TWO - Gods&Monsters.

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Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)   Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 11:31 am

Nice find.
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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)   Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 12:44 pm

I guess this will help to many players here good job
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PostSubject: Re: Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)   Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 12:49 pm

Good job.
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Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)   Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE) Icon_minitime

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Role Playing a proper biker (MALE & FEMALE)
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