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 Goldie Loc Massive PG and Non RP

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PostSubject: Goldie Loc Massive PG and Non RP   Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:25 am

Your server name: Rhyme

When did this happen (date, time)?: Today, now, time of this report, DOIIII.

Who are you reporting?: [GSF]Goldie_Loc

What are you reporting this person for?: Powergame, and unrealistic RP.

First, let me begin with how this happened, first, I am neutral with SBF and GSF, because I do business with them, drug dealing and weapon dealing and such. No where in TDB does it say they are my enemies, and Smokey told me only VLA and TDF were known rivals. So, I tried going to GSF sell, guns, then I had guns in my face, blah blah, PD came, rescued me, I saw Keelo had been shot, and we are business partners IC, I always sell him stuff. So, we went to hospital, Goldie comes in with Amber, he is all hostile IC inside a hospital, and then he pulls out a gun aiming it at me, BamB and Kev, mind you this was after he was arguing with me looking for trouble in A HOSPITAL, note this is all INSIDE A HOSPITAL... So, he shoots me in the leg once, shoots me in the arm once, I RP injuries, he tries to say BamB can not RP fear and stuff, and he can, very well actually, and so, I'm done, Kev helps, while we are rushing towards the door, he's all like "/me attempts to execute Rhyme" just like that, in a hospital. I felt this was massive non RP and powergame, shooting someone in a hospital? He tries to say since it's WCL he can kill people in a hospital, and that was offensive to the server, because he's trying to say, that there's so little RP that he can easily kill someone in a hospital with no fear of anything at all and that no one RP's in hospitals so he can do it. Enough Rambling, here's the evidence.
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PostSubject: Re: Goldie Loc Massive PG and Non RP   Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:33 am

Killing in a hospital is same like commiting crimes near the LSPD, and we got a rule for that.

Player will be jailed IG

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Goldie Loc Massive PG and Non RP
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