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 The Vincent Crime Syndicate - History & Information

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PostSubject: The Vincent Crime Syndicate - History & Information   Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:45 pm

Setting The Roots

Ken Vincent, also known as Kenny, aged 18 at that time, has set the roots for this Organization unknowingly.It all started in June 1978, when Ken has finished High School, and was looking for quick ways to earn money.Alerted by the arrival of the The Galante Crime Family in Los Santos, Ken decided that by working for the Italian mobsters, could gain money in a fast way.Although not entirely legal, the money were good, and in order to not lose his home, Ken had to do it.Seeing that the jobs given by the Italian mobsters were too hard for an unexperienced 18 year old teenager, he has decided to call on the help of two of his closest friends - Vinnie Nicholson and Malcolm Jones.This was the group, that consisted of three people, that have also set the roots for the Syndicate in Los Santos.During late 1978 and early 1985s the group was working for the Italian Mafia, also known as the Galante Crime Family.During those years, the group has earned their first racket, which was a Liquor Store in Santa Maria, for completing a task for the Don at perfection.

Bills To Pay
MAY 1985

With all the money and assets acquired from the Italian mobsters, the good times finally came to an end.With no more jobs to take, the group has finally found itself at an impasse, with no money to pay their newly bought "Base of Operations", a two-story mansion.And so the era of petty crimes has begun.Having wasted all of their money on the mansion, on paying the monthly fees, buying food and new clothes, the group started to lower themselves to pick-pocketing people, assaulting & robbing them at night with melee weapons, and smuggling & selling different low-quality goods into town.They kept going on like this for three years, each day being a new opportunity to make money with which they could pay the bills and live a modest life in the city of Los Santos.

Gangland & The Loss Of A Close Friend
JUNE 1988

With the high rise of criminality, also rose people that were prosecuted by the society, and were considered a blight over Los Santos and its safety.The Afro-Americans decided to form their own cliques, whom they called "Street Gangs", mostly because they used to hang on the streets, having different and numerous neighborhoods as their turf.At first, this seemed like a good idea for the Afro-Americans to stand together in a time of crisis, but eventually this became worse and worse, day by day.The street gangs started to fight over turfs, setting the will to expand on the streets of Los Santos.One of the members of the group, Malcolm felt the need to answer the call set by his brethren, and decided to move out of Commerce and live at a friend in Glen Park, hanging and doing errands for the Kilo Tray Ballas gang.September 1988, still a bad day for the 2-man group, but a worse day for Malcolm.Kenny's close friend has just got shot in a drive by shooting by a rival street gang, still unidentified today.The news tore Kenny and Vinnie apart, and one month later, on October 6th, Malcolm has been declared dead.

New Opportunities

Barely 3 months having passed from the incident, Ken and Vinnie decided to sell their mansion and move downtown, in Commerce in a small house with two rooms, which would be easier to live in, due to less money needed to be wasted on house fees.After one year of not committing a single crime, and living a normal life like most citizens of Los Santos, Ken and Vinnie heard of a new Russian Crime Syndicate that was moving in Los Santos.And so it was March 1990, and the group was still running low on money - the situation was even worse than it was a year ago.They both talked and decided that they should again, involve themselves with dangerous people and do dangerous, illegal, jobs in order to make sure they get the chance at a normal life again.In the beginning, the Russian mobsters payed well, but as the time passed, a war between Mobsters has just begun.While the Russians were in full-scale war with the Italians, they were giving Ken and Vinnie more well-paid jobs that consisted of vandalizing Italian properties, and later on, even assaulting Associates, sending the Italians a message.It was all good, and the group was again having a prosperous life.

The Rise And Fall Of The Dragon
MAY 1993

With the ongoing war between the two rival Organizations, Kenny and Vinnie were living a prosperous life - but it all had to end soon.With neither sides winning the war, they both lost influence in Los Santos, and decided that it was time to move out, and as fast as they came, as fast they gone extinct.It took weeks for the Italians and Ruskies to move out of town and leave everything behind.Following the departure of those two Mafias, a different, ruthless form of crime made its appearance.The Red Dragon Triads - known for their violence and ruthlessness towards Outsiders, Ken and Vinnie decided that it's best if they didn't work for them, and decided to return to their old way of life, like the one in 1985.Having saved enough money from when they worked for the Russian Mafia, the two had made up a reputation for themselves, and on August 1993, they decided to confront the Dai Lo about making a small Organization, consisted in a group of people that will work directly for the Triads.He accepted, and the two borrowed a moderate amount of money, in order to successfully establish their own crew.After two months of constant recruiting and hard work, they had found people of different ethnicity, culture and social level, bringing the small group to a new level.After speaking to a representative of the Triads, the newly formed Syndicate decided that it's time to get serious and get the Triads their money - and fast.While Vinnie and his crew work on extorting properties for money, Kenny and his crew decide to rob a bank.Just after new year came, Kenny got enough money to pay the debts to the Triads, but his Organization was moderately affected, some were shot by the cops at the robbery, some arrested, and some backed down.But Kenny's unbreakable will of keeping this up and running saved the Organization from collapsing.Soon after, the Triads moved out of town, leaving Kenny and his organization independent.

Day Of Independence

In the years past, Kenny and Vinnie did their best to run the Syndicate properly.They still had some money left from the robbery and the extortion process back in 1993.They had made an organized hierarchy for the Crime Syndicate, and decided that success is only achieved with the help of individuals whose race doesn't matter, they only need to share the same goals as the rest of the Syndicate.On November 4th, while celebrating his birthday with his closest remaining friend - Vinnie, the Los Santos Police Department has decided to make a move and take Vinnie in, prior to the incidents that happened during the years 1985 - 1993, surprisingly, the Police Department, had no interest in Kenny whatsoever.One month later, in December, Vinnie was released by the PD until further investigation - thus Vinnie appealed to Kenny to help him escape San Andreas, because he'd known that eventually the PD would find proof and arrest him.Kenny fulfilled Vinnie's wish and booked him a ticket to Vice City and covered all of his tracks.10th December the Syndicate wasn't anonymous anymore - and was renamed to "The Vincent Crime Syndicate" - having a new Underboss to replace Vinnie - Nicholas Smith, also known by the others as Niko.Two months passed - and it brings us to the present - February 1995.

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PostSubject: Re: The Vincent Crime Syndicate - History & Information   Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:28 pm

In Character Rules

1. Always listen to your bosses, follow their orders with your life.
2. Never give information to the cops, not even if you're sentenced to jail.
3. Never talk about the Syndicate's business to non-members.
4. No fighting among members unless you have permission from your bosses.
5. Every month, members must pay tribute to the Boss.
6. Members are not allowed to have sexual relations with another member's wife.

Out Of Character Rules
1. Roleplay at all times, always keep /b on a minimum.
2. Follow all of the server rules.
3. Follow all of the forum rules, when doing forum related stuff.
4. Don't aim your gun around for no reason / walk with your gun.
5. Don't shoot at civilian cars, unless you're 100% it's the enemy.
6. Show cop fear, whenever you see a cop, don't act tough - be reasonable and be nice to him.
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The Vincent Crime Syndicate - History & Information
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