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 West Coast Life v1.50 - Official Launch!

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West Coast Life v1.50 - Official Launch! Empty
PostSubject: West Coast Life v1.50 - Official Launch!   West Coast Life v1.50 - Official Launch! Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2017 6:33 pm


First and foremost, welcome everybody to our new forum(design)! Today marks a very important day, one we've been looking forward to for over a year. A new attempt at trying to revive this community and of course, welcome the new members.

In 2016 I tried to revive the community for a third time with a new, revolutionized script that, to be frank, wasn't even close to completion. In fact, it was probably worse than the script I had for Golden State (GSRP jokes incoming). But we were determined that this time it was going to be different. Of course, there are new, exciting features, but the core of the original gamemode remains. You will see old West Coast Life features wrapped into a slightly newer layer.

That being said, the gamemode is still not done and we have elaborately taken the decision to release it in its current form. Everything currently on the server has been updated/made within the span of 12 days. Progress has been very fast and rightfully so, because we are determined to make this one of the most enjoyable servers available.

Features that you can currently enjoy on the server:

  • Nearly all features that WCL v1.49 had (some may still be missing)
  • Gangs and factions; leaders can invite you to their gang/faction if they deem you ready for it. Currently available gangs/factions:

    • Orange Grove Families
    • East Side Ballas
    • Ashen Legion MC
    • American Mafa
    • Dope Peddlers
    • Los Santos Vagos
    • Varrios Los Aztecas
    • Los Santos Police Department

  • A near-complete vehicle script; you can buy, sell, share and steal vehicles.
  • [BOT]Earl and [BOT]8Ball

We look forward to some great time together and, of course, memorable roleplay scenes!

IP: - See you there!
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West Coast Life v1.50 - Official Launch!
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