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 West Coast Life RP v1.5 Public Test

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U.N. Owen
U.N. Owen

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West Coast Life RP v1.5 Public Test Empty
PostSubject: West Coast Life RP v1.5 Public Test   West Coast Life RP v1.5 Public Test Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2015 7:56 pm

Due to many players wanting it back, and also due to the fact i've got nothing better to do. I've decided to bring WCL back permanently, but there will be some changes which i will announce over the next few days. I want to involve you, the community and it's players; more than ever as i will be effectively taking on this project all by myself at this current time. I will be opening the forums completely sometime in the next 24/7 hours, and will make another post in that time, detailing what i have in mind and what updates i will be working on, etc etc.

And for the record, yes. You WILL be able to buy houses/vehicles with in-game money. I'm thinking of scraping the donator system altogether. I want a place where we can all just play, and have fun.

El Presidente
~ U.N. Owen ~
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West Coast Life RP v1.5 Public Test
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