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 [PROMO]LD´ feat MC Dan - G´z up and B´z down

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[PROMO]LD´ feat MC Dan - G´z up and B´z down Empty
PostSubject: [PROMO]LD´ feat MC Dan - G´z up and B´z down   [PROMO]LD´ feat MC Dan - G´z up and B´z down Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 11:26 am


[LD´s verse]
G´up and B´z down
That´s about what i talking
I´m Still Seville and We still banging
My hommies won´t give a shit
That´s why i try do good every beat
Purplaz still suckin ma name
They pigs can´t even play this game
My hommies from Seville are still with me for life
Not like your homo friend who think he´s your wife
This is Seville´s power,not like B´z lower
We know your history nigga,you imigration
You can´t even make something like a green nation
Knows G´z from Los Santos Connection
Now everyone know who´s the king
LD´ nigga,fool stop blink !
I still rollin with ma gun
If you hear ma flow you better run
Now Dan show you what´s the rap
Belive me,i don´t say a crap

[Mc Dan´s verse]

You know who i am
You know that im a straight fam
bang bang nigga we do tha thang
Pop them in chest so they stop to bang
Slugs in my straps drop you on the floor
and later i squeeze tha trigga when you open the door
What chu gonna do
oh what chu gonna do
when we come for you with deuce deuce
nigga F**k the truce
ratatatata from my gat
You pick up yo homies, you know where i at.
i aint no fool, mac10 on the side
in case of tha fuckin hoo ride.
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[PROMO]LD´ feat MC Dan - G´z up and B´z down
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