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 Legacy - Weapons Free (feat. MC Dan) [100 bars @ GMR]

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Legacy - Weapons Free (feat. MC Dan) [100 bars @ GMR] Empty
PostSubject: Legacy - Weapons Free (feat. MC Dan) [100 bars @ GMR]   Legacy - Weapons Free (feat. MC Dan) [100 bars @ GMR] Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 3:48 pm

[Verse 1 - Legacy] @ 0:24
Le' is that moth'fucking name of this game,
you got multiple tracks but they are just the same.
Rappin' like that is a moth'fucking sin,
with your rhymes straight outta the recycle bin,
repeated a hundred fuckin' times.
You can't compare yours to my mo'fuckin' rhymes.
Me and Dan on tha streets nigga, this shit rocks
L to tha egacy witta moth'fucking ammo box.
I climb onto and spit fire like a Vulcan that erupted,
i take $10 from your bank account - enough to get you bankrupted.

[Verse 2 - MC Dan]
Top G, real G, bangin the club
Real Nigga you know im a thug
Cock my strap two times
Pick my double nines,
One round bust,
second round hit you with a deadline
Im tha nigga that bangs with a forty fo
step in this mothafucka, fo sho
then put some niggaz in the graveyard hole
Nigga you know who's commin, hoe?

[Verse 3 - Legacy]
On the backstage I'm chillin' and reloadin' ma mac
I step to the stage, but who says that imma rap?
To be a boss was ma' moth'fucking choice,
so get lost when you hear ma voice
I was deep in this game from the mothafucking start,
In this race you wanna take a part?
But you realize that i got a cold heart..
.. when i catch you and tear you apart.
Rappers talking about money and expensive cars?
Green Masta' Records on this shit with these 100 bars.

[Verse 4 - MC Dan]
Mobbin with ma homie side to side
Sippin on the henny when we ready to ride
Seville to the Willowfield
its tha hood of real muthafuckaz ready to kill
bust down, rip upside down
me and Legacy two niggaz overtakin the town
Strap on the side, rag on the mouth
We are recognized on both North and South
our names are heard on both West and East
And every hoe knows how we dip like a beast

Nigga weapons free,
better don't meet with this mothafucking G'
I chop down your motherfucking family tree,
Nigga don't you see?
This shit is easy like one, two, three
So better hide when we shout "weapons free"

[Verse 5 - Legacy]
F**k wit' me n' nigga you are dead meat,
cuz i learned how to survive on the ice cold street,
So nigga how about you? Can you feel the heat?
when i grab the mic and add up lyrics to tha beat
No matter what - this flow sounds juicy (haha)
and maintaining the game is my duty.
I grab that butterfly straight from my pocket
and your gone, away, faster than a rocket.
Representing the hood and rapping is a must
Cuz now I'm here, ready to clean up the dust.

[Verse 6 - Legacy]
Whatever happens, this G' got trust.
So what you gon' do if my AK starts to bust?
Comming straight from the LS's south
so i suggest you to shut your mo'fuckin' mouth
GMR, nigga, we are hard to tha' core
watch out for us when we hit the mo'fuckin' store
Your wife? We bang that assfucked whore
Green Mastas come back even harda' than before.
I suggest you to change your fake attitude,
dope ass masta is my mo'fuckin' atribute.

[Verse 7 - MC Dan]
We bang so hard, drop them on the floor
mac10 in the left hand,watch me kickin the door
Hoo ride, hoo bangin,
niggaz playa hatin aint damn thang changin'
Picture us doing tha murda
we commin to serve ya', hurt ya'
your rap sucks, niggaz neva heard ya'
We are devils on the rise
under the black skin disguise
When you see us ride, open your eyes

[Verse 8 - Legacy]
Call the nine-eleven when you see a one-eight-seven.
but the two-eleven won't help you when we send you straight to heaven.
Throw your hands in the motherfucking air
cut otherwise you will feel more pain than after a fall down the stairs.
You can't hide nigga, you can't even run
watch me ride and feel the sound of ma gun
Wanna fight? You will change your mind soon,
after you see us hunt at the full moon.
You will notice soon how reckless we are,
after we tear you apart we'll notice that we went to far

[Verse 9 - Legacy]
Battle me G' i am always ready,
aim you with a sniper as a hold steady,
dead spot - you receive a head shot,
In the car lot - the place is gettin' too hot,
In my lowrider - watch me hittin' dat switch
You ain't shit, you motherfucking B***h
I keep the M16 under the pillow when i sleep
You don't listen to me? Then listen to your flatline beep.
Nigga you stare when you read my history
and you keep staring as i claim victory
Now you know that we're notorious,
Green Masta Records - B***h we are warriors

[Verse 10 - MC Dan]
Boom headshot, we be droppin them
Boom ratatata, we be poppin them
Representing it proud that we are the fam
Ak from the trunk, rip niggaz chest appart
then take my Mac which pops a sucka in tha hearth
Face us and you wont live tomorrow
Cuz we are adressed by god of death to bring the sorrow
blow your mind, throw my gang sign
then watch you die when i get my forty five
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Legacy - Weapons Free (feat. MC Dan) [100 bars @ GMR]
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