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 Rydah - Lil' Knucklehead

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PostSubject: Rydah - Lil' Knucklehead   Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:17 am

Sup homie Imma Rydah kid
Straight outta' Willowfield,Indeed
I'm sixteen mo'fuckin years old
Lookin' at teh AK,Tryna' hold
Doin' shiet like I wuzz' told,Word
At fourteen,ended up alone
All I had was fathers crome,Sack an' dealin' phone
Since pop's got popped in his dome
Uncle Peanutt's crib became my next home
Hook up wit' teh crew that was in my area
Peanutt almost dead sayin' "They gon' take care of ya'"
So there I was young,an' fuccd in teh Willowfield
Where niggaz break every shield,Innocents gets fuckin' killed
I was down fo' dat',All about my gat
About to smoke me a rat,Just fo' my set
In teh head,Straight tru' his hat,Simple as that
But befo' all that,I shot only on a dog and cat

So there I was wit' sum' older foo'
I was about to join his crew
He was packin' tool,Since I was outta' school
He tought me every single fuckin' rule,So it was cool
Now it was time,Time to get down fo' mine
Tought Imma get a Glock instead they gave me a Nine
Soon as we got drunk of dat' wine,I was feelin' fine
So there we was in teh car around teh Cluckin' Bell
I could see teh trouble,I could tell,Evin smell
Don't let em diss Playa Del,Said kid raised in hell
Homie said "Is ya' ready to dump on em"
Less' do this you kno' me maaan...
Minutes lata' foo'z walk outta' sto'
I was about to put em on teh flo',Fo'sho
Show em where I grow,Signs that I throw
Next thing you kno',Me leanin' outta' window
Nigga' wit' Nine in his hands,Paranoid on indo
Right there shit started spittin',
Niggaz wuzz' hardly breathin',As bullets started hittin'
40oz,Blunts,Niggaz felt on the ground,
Soon as they heard that fuckin' gun sound,It was loud
Back in teh mo'fuckin car,Feelin' like a ghetto star
Bacc' to teh spot,It aint dat' far
Evin if one day Imma,Couse Willow is where I stay
At teh end of the day,Evin if I spray
Goin' home like its all okay,I got videogames to play.
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Rydah - Lil' Knucklehead
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