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 Seville Boulevard Families

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PostSubject: Seville Boulevard Families   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:40 am


Temple Drive Families - [TDF]

Vagos - [V]
Varrios Los Aztecas - [VLA]
American Mafia - [AM]
Slayerman Motorcycle Club - [MC]

Front Yard Ballas - [FYB]
Rollin Heights Ballas - [RHB]
Kilo Tray Ballas - [KTB]

Temple Drive Ballas - [TDB]
Hepburn Heights Crew - [DP]
Grove Street Families - [GSF]
Lanza Project Families - [LPF]


The Seville Boulevard Families is street-level organized afro american gang, founded in Playa Del Seville. The faction started in late 70s as formation made by local teenage civilians to prevent neighbouring street gangs harrasing residents and stores in the residental area under the name ''Sevillians''. The first acting leaders were Christian ''K-Jay'' Jayson and Robert ''Woodie'' O'Neal that adopted the titles of ''Fathers''. With more young black males joining the faction, Sevillians lost their course and became involved in small crime, spreading and taking over streets under their wing, the crew evolving during end of 1979 dragged attention of the newly formed Orange Grove Families alliance, and so the Sevillians became part of Families nation. Their area of operation was varrying during 80's, with few hostile takeovers over Willowfield in war against Ballas. The gang became indenpendent in 1987 under new name, ''Seville Boulevard Families'', when Tarnell ''Keelo'' Wallace and Danny ''Lil Dan'' Browns took titles of ''Kings'' and fought for its separation against other Families sets, provoking a war that left Families Nation separated in few smaller organizations. Following only their own agenda, Seville BLVD Families turned more into money making crimes and bit by bit they completely abandoned gangbanging. Next leaders, also known as Kingpin's were Peanutt, Slick and Jayke, and they kept the gang running during long years, untill the first to label himself ''King'', Danny Browns came back from long years of hiding. The gang was reborn and is run by DeShawn Browns, Dan's son and one to label himself ''Prince'' under the current name. After DeShawn and Lil Dan disappeared the Grim Families Nation was gone. Jayke "JK" Smith has taken control of the gang once again and has brought it back to its old roots.

Out of Character Rules
-You have to be ICly born and raised in territory controled by SBF.
-You have to join the gang at 13-18 years IC.
-Change license plates and use cars with tinted windows when you go on mission.
-Drive by is used only to scare factions we are in war with.
-When you are going with a intention to kill someone, use black cars, do it at night, dont forget to change license plates, mask yourself fully and remove gang colors.
-We are only in war with factions that are interupting our business.
-SBF has wide range of business in Playa Del Seville, Willowfield, part of Ocean Docks and lower part of East Beach.
-Our business consist of drug dealing, extortion, racketeering, protection, prostitution network.
-People that bring unwanted police trouble will be CKed.
-People that make unwanted wars will be CKed.
-We are highly disciplined.
-We do NOT rob citizens and stores in our turf (Seville and Willowfield), we are helping them if they got trouble with other gangs and we borrow them money they return later. Thats why we are popular with our neighbors.
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Seville Boulevard Families
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