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 A few OOC regulations

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PostSubject: A few OOC regulations   Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:33 am

Follow all the server rules and respect them. All of them can be found here. If any rules will be violated, faction members/outsiders will be handed a punishement or even a CK, depends.
Always show your best roleplay around the faction and display a good realistic amount of roleplay. Know how to create roleplay around yourself if other members are not online.
Being active is another mandatory rule all the members/outsiders have to follow. For outsiders, it's more important than it is for members. Being active and knowing how to roleplay realistically can boost up your chances on getting intiated, however don't get me wrong; members have to be online just the same way as outsiders have to be.
Respect every member/outsider/player around you if you want to be treated the same way. We want to be a good community and show good influence.
Once upon joining Rolling Heights Ballas, you will be needing to accept the fact that your intitiated character can get character killed anytime we think it's neccesary to do so. Disobeying this rule then you will simply not be invited to the faction.
All of the rules stated in this topic have to be followed and is mandatory to check them everyday, as there might be a new update. Follow all these rules and if anybody maybe has a problem with the rules, then you can always PM me.
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A few OOC regulations
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