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 Domino - Frontin' (DeShawn diss)

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PostSubject: Domino - Frontin' (DeShawn diss)   Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:05 pm

What's up now, cousin? In a way, it's hurting me to do this 'gainst my own family, know'm talking 'bout?
But damn, man. You changed, homie. I ain't no back-stabber so I'd rather say it loud infront of everybody.

Ain't repping Families no more? You niggas just downgraded.
Your father was a champ' but now your ego is exagerated.
R.I.P to my bro' Loco the payback is anticipated.
Only got exclusivity, homie. My pistol is diamond-plated.
You nigga is funny, smiling in my face like my fuckin' homie.
Wha'cha really gona do 'gainst me? Who you supposed to be?
No support, you need compagny? You nigga seems to feel lonely.
Sausages party down at 'Ville since I fucked their last hoe Katie.
Y'all ain't got your place in the rap game just like in Gangsters City.
Real talk, G-M-R is closed 'cause y'all got no place in this industry.
Nigga be a clown 'cause is crew is a joke. Take these lines seriously.
Nothing personal, G. I do this so easily, I'd do it 'against anybody.
Tired of niggas acting like thugs, like Kaydee Kaine, tired of y'all actors.
This ain't no fucking D-V-D, nigga,  you can't  rewind backwards.
I predict a bloody future for you, I can make it fast-forward.
Poor bastard, turning his own life miserable, isn't it akward?

Want to be darker? Fuck Grim Sevillians, I call y'all witches.
Nigga went crazy, turned emo 'cause he now has too many stitches.
Life  isn't that dark for me, been into that rags to riches.
Seems like y'all has issues with it, life's threatening y'all like bitches.
Better speed up with that black on black car, hit the switches.
My niggas got muscle spasms, especially these trigger-finger itches.
Catch you on the other side, lucifer, got y'all fresh digged ditches
Offering you vacations in the tropic, making you swim with the fishes.
Ye', your crew's surely a joke 'cause that war with y'all is hillarious.
Domino's crew is notorious 'n DeShawn's disparition is mysterious.
Y'all been riding in the same car since the 90's, thinking it's luxurious.
Where's your green at? Y'all a shame to the fam' while my nig' be glorious.
I wish that nigga would be dead so 'Ville would be back like in the nineties.
You be a cracker 'cause you hating on me so hard, I feel like a black in the sixties.
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Domino - Frontin' (DeShawn diss)
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