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 Jonathan ''Panzer'' Flynn - LSPD Application

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PostSubject: Jonathan ''Panzer'' Flynn - LSPD Application   Wed May 22, 2013 12:49 pm

In Character Part

Dear applicant
You've chosen to apply for the Los Santos Police Force. In order to bring this application to a success, you'll have to fill in the questions correctly and with honesty.
If you completed the application you may click "send" and your email will be delivered to our Recruitment Unit, they will check if your application is valid or not. If your application is valid they will send it to the Chief and/or the Commander for further review. The Chief and/or Commander will decide if your application is valid or not. If your application have been reviewed as "Invalid" you'll receive a reply to it. If your application have been reviewed as "Valid", you will also receive a reply to it. The best of luck!

Personal Information
First name: Jonathan
Alias / Middle name: Panzer
Last name: Flynn
Born: 16th November, 1986
Current and past occupation: Lawyer, (current)
Education: Completed University with GPA 3.9, Law Align.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Mother - Sarah Flynn
Father - James Flynn
Brother - John Flynn

Did you ever had a trial against you?: No.
Have you been arrested before?: No.
-If yes, which accusation?: N/A

Have you been detained or searched before?: No.
-If yes, wherefore were you suspicious?: N/A

Background story (50 words minimum):

I grew up in a decent house at Washington D.C, USA. At the age of 16, me and my family moved to Los Santos, rented a house nearby the Beach. I continued my studies in the Los Santos International School, at the age of 19, I was offered to a university at Frankfurt, returned to Los Santos at the age of 24, with GPA 3.9, and got a job as a Lawyer, after three years as a Lawyer, I decided to find myself a new job, and I decided to dedicate myself in the Police Department, it would make my life worthwhile, serving the city.

User Agreement
[i]I, Jonathan Flynn, declare that I filled in my application with honesty. I declare that I will show enthusiasm and affection as Police Officer. I swear that I will remain my honesty and that I will remain my loyalty to the President of the United States and the mayor of Los Santos.


Out of Character Part

Do you master other languages excluding English?: Yes, Bahasa Melayu, which is the default language in my country.
Timezone: GMT+8

Previous server factions: PD, PD, PD. Well, not much to say but I honestly keep convincing myself to join PD.
Why do you want to join the PD?: Because I believe PD is a dedicated organization, and I can raise my experiences as an officer, even though it's just in-game.
Are you willing to remain loyal?: Yes, I do.
Do you have a basic knowledge of the PD basics, ex.: Miranda Rights, Arrest process, etc...?: Yes.

Explain PG: Powergaming, forcing Role Play towards other individual(s), or doing something which is impossible to be done 'IRL'.
Explain MG: Metagaming, Mixing OOC Information IC'ly, for example you just registered, met some guy on the street and called his name out without asking him beforehand.
Explain CK (Car and Character):
Car Killing, Ramming your vehicle repeatly towards an individual to kill him, or drain his health.
Character Killing, Getting your or another person's character killed, with a heavy role play and agreement on both sides - then losing the character's stats, and make the character unplay-able. So the player will have to create a new character and act like a new player.

Explain RK: Revenge Killing, going back to the place you got killed and killing the player, when you die you lose 30 minutes of memory.
Explain AP: Ass Pulling, pulling out your weapon without any RP or /me's involved.

Fill in [Yes] or [No]
-If [NO] - declare a reason:

  1. Am I allowed to pull over someone because I'm bored?: [NO]
    If "no", why?:

    You may not abuse your powers as an officer just because you're bored. You must have a valid reason to pull over someone.

  2. I have to read the Miranda Rights before cuffing the suspect: [NO]
    If "no", why?:

    The Miranda Rights are to be read when the suspect is detained or cuffed.

  3. I have to frisk the suspect once I'm inside the Department: [NO]
    If "no", why?:

    The suspect is to be frisked and remove any dangerous or objects that may cause problems later on at the scene.

  4. I am allowed to jail for an amount of time given by myself(The applicant): [NO]
    If "no", why?:

    I may not decide the jail time since that's the job of an higher ranked officer.

  5. I am allowed to speed whenever I receive a back up call: [YES]
    If "no", why?:

    If the situation is urgent, I must go to the location ASAP to assist the officer in trouble, however if the traffic is difficult, I should remain at a reasonable speed to avoid accidents.

  6. I am allowed to ask the Chief for a promotion after finishing a case or big mission: [NO]
    If "no", why?:

    Everyone should be honest in doing their jobs as an officer, and promotions is the Chief's decision.

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Jonathan ''Panzer'' Flynn - LSPD Application
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