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 MC Dan - Asylum Description

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[AFK]Lil Dan
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PostSubject: MC Dan - Asylum Description   Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:33 am

[verse 1]
Ill be your personal guide, welcome to Asylum
Where i categorize your kind into separate phylums
My animal planet, planet of the apes
Each of niggaz here is infused with hate
On my side a whole line of psychos
Their insanity is bound in eternal cycles
During violence, where every wanted poster
turns on an emotonal rollercoster
Their brain is insanity complex, which sends your mind fly into vortex
Their logic make your brain cells fried like in toster
Fuck physical harm, we psychologicaly slaughter
Identity crisys when shizhoprhenic goes calm
Crazed, being hated and looked down upon like a bible whore
Im actually the one that manipulates space flows
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was no nuclear bombs
I focused my mind and telekineticly razed down two towns
Im sober and its 20th April when i write this text
My friend says he saw Bruce Lee taking a piss in dragon's nest
Werewolves fangs tucked in your neck, leave you bleeding
left for dead, We are rising corspes on the day of the dead
Inject uranium into your body, provoke a cancerous threat
They feed me Morhpine every day to keep me on the bed
You heard me well, im too powerfull for meds YOU take
I dont bite the hand that feeds me, believe me
I cut it into pieces and share the fingers with my folks in the city
Mutated during earthquakes in Japan, check my empty stare
Radioactive, they measure my moods on Rihter's scale
Once i found myself on highway when i ran away
Hungry,i incredibly slow devoured everyone on fast lane
My skeleton is made of DNA trash, what a shame
A social outcast became top of society chain
I dont aim for the sky and shoot for the stars before sunrise
I burnt the clouds and watched the stars vaporize
Fuck the fictions, i dont spread - i create rumors
Laughing like hyienas, and its not caused by humour

(Not finished)

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PostSubject: Re: MC Dan - Asylum Description   Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:38 am

*Loco bumps his head as he listens to the song, cracking a smile.*
Loco says: Since the 90's-- still got it cracking.
*Loco laughs softly afterwards as he keeps listening the song.*

Loco says: Hey Hermano-- did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
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MC Dan - Asylum Description
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