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 O.G Rydah - In My Area

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PostSubject: O.G Rydah - In My Area   Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:08 pm

Frum' Ganton down to Idle mo'fuckin Wood
Chu' can see youngstaz up to no good
Bangin' fo' their neibhorhood
Some of them do it real others juss' wish they would
Homies frum' my block are down fo'real
Already at age of nine did their first kill
Cluckin' D'z fo' teh daily meal,Dumpin' on foo'z,Steal!!
All around da' hood checkin' foo'z out
Smash everyone who talks loud
Bringin' teh mo'fuckin problems outta' hell
You can see it homie,You can evin smell!
Foo'z get shot up at teh Cluckin' Bell there aint nuthin' to tell
Chu' end up dead or locked in teh mo'fuckin cell!
Aint no bustaz allowed homie I alrady said
An' if bustah makes it to my hood I bang his head
Then I leave em' dead and make his family sad thinkin' "That guy is so bad"
So come around homie and be a part of teh past
Couse Imma send two slugs to you mo'fuckin chest
Like I did to teh rest I'm not sayin' dat' I'm teh best
But when G'z start fallin' I'm teh last!
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O.G Rydah - In My Area
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