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 State of the Union [PRE-v1.53]

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State of the Union [PRE-v1.53] Empty
PostSubject: State of the Union [PRE-v1.53]   State of the Union [PRE-v1.53] Icon_minitimeFri May 05, 2017 12:29 pm

It is no surprise to anyone still active on the forum that overall activity has dropped to what it used to be. I only feel obliged to inform you what the progress is and what our plans for the future are.

It's an elaborate choice to put this at the top of this report because I'm sure that's what everyone ultimately cares about. Progress has been steady for a 1-man team. I have mainly focused on fixing v1.52 bugs and building on top of very interesting concepts proposed by various (ex-)members of our admin team.
I moved the project to an online project host that allows me to track bugs, suggestions, etc... More easily. Actually seeing the progress motivated me to do more. And I'm planning on pushing HaL (Hustle and Live) v1.53 by the 14th of May.

Admin team
The admin team has shrunk to just 4 members (of the 7). But, we are not opening applications till we get more traffic (except for someone that wants to take responsibility for advertisement). Admittedly, having 7 admins was too much for the size of the community. 4 seems more appropriate.

It's a short report, but there's not much to say. The community lacks engagement from all sides and it's slightly demotivating, but I'm pushing through. The server has been paid for every month and I deliberately done so. Hopefully once the new version is live, I can focus on advertising the server and such.
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State of the Union [PRE-v1.53]
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