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PostSubject: HELPER APPLICATIONS [OPEN]   HELPER APPLICATIONS [OPEN] Icon_minitimeThu Mar 16, 2017 1:40 am

Yet again, there will be helper applications. Currently we are seeking mostly active players to become helpers. If you are inactive or semi-active, don't bother applying. To apply, you must copy and fill the application questions, then PM them to Yepperson.

- You NEED to be active. If you are inactive or semi-active - don't bother applying.
- You need to have a clean punishment record. We won't take people that have a recent history of breaking rules.
- We require you to be a good role player, you need to be an example for other players.
- You must speak English fluently, communication with players is vital.
- You must be familiar with the community and its structure. We won't take new players in the staff if they are new to the server.
- You must be ready to do server related work as a helper - helping players, teaching new players to role play, answering questions, enforcing server rules, participating in staff related discussions and decisions, doing forum work, being available to help the server even when you log out or aren't active.

1. Your current server nickname and old nicknames (all):
2. How long have you been a part of this server?:
3. Why should we pick YOU and not somebody ELSE?:
4. Why do you want to HELP this server?:
5. Are you ready to be active, help, teach and organize players?:
6. Do you have any talents to bring to the administration team (such as photoshop, mapping and others)?:
Private message your application to Yepperson.

16.03.2017: We are currently looking for a helper that wants to take responsibility for server advertisement. If you don't want to have this responsibility, do not bother applying. Not fulfilling this task after being elected will result in a demotion; it's a serious task.
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