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 Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club

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Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club 29XpL3S

Chapter 1
- Ashes & Dust -

It all started back in '94, when men with false ideals began to self-proclaim themselves as "Lucifers", and "Crushers", hinging at the doors of freedom and supremacy. One such era dawned upon what were once called "The Slayermen Motorcycle Club". It only took a short period of time before their false ideals crumbled upon them, like a weak foundation makes a house collapse on its sleeping residents. This, however, was not the case for old timer Johny "Jew" Lynch. Veteran of the once famous "Slayermen MC", he has been a part of many eras, witnessed many people try to take control of this raging beast wishing for freedom, and, of course witnessed most unprepared fools get devoured by the same beast they had tried to tame.

After the disappearance of the last, so called "President of the Slayermen MC", Lynch has finally had enough, and decided to take freedom in his own hands. He turned his back on what was his home for the last 28 years to finally experience his own definition of true freedom. His wild temper has long been held back from the likes of 'Presidents', but not anymore. Flashes of freedom were finally felt since the days of Cornwell, and all it took was for Jew to have nothing but his bike and the road in front of him.

His first destination was Palomino Creek, a small countryside village situated just at the end of the East Beach Highway. It didn't take long for a shoot first, talk later kind of man to make his presence felt in such a small, peaceful village like Palomino Creek, mainly because folk there weren't used to violence, especially the law enforcement. Abiding his policy that man must live off the land, he quickly started plundering and terrorizing the local shops, liquor stores and houses, making few contacts and a large amount of enemies, which only ended up fearing him more than hating him.

However, Jew was more than a thug, and authorities soon came to realize that. As soon as Jew got what he wanted, he'd move in to his hideout located just on the outskirts of Palomino Creek, in North Rock. This would make locating him a pain for the local, inexperienced authorities. Another advantage was, that the area was circulated by trains, which made Jew receive a steady amount of tribute from the terrorized mayor and populace. Those who were 'privileged' enough by Jew to be called his contacts would be told anonymously to load the valuables consisting of money, weapons and what not into a different train with a different route every time, with the ultimate destination set for North Rock.

After 5 years spent "living off the land" of Palomino Creek, Jew has made a name for himself on the outskirts of Los Santos, and was one step closer to completing his plan. Now better supplied than before, he set course for another destination -- Montgomery. Here, he would repeat what he has done in Palomino Creek, quickly making a name for himself there as well. However, it was a long distance to travel from North Rock to Montgomery every time, only for small time raids. Some of his contacts set him up with a property deed of a nearby farm, across the river, and a boat to cross it, situating him within arm's reach of Montgomery. He immediately started exploiting the area to further his own needs, which was a lot of hard work. Hard work that Jew was willing to put in, in order to further his own ideals of freedom. In his 3rd year furthering his domination of Montgomery, he would already be known as the 'Lone Rider', feared by all, respected by many.

This is when people wanted to be more like him, and, when people started to willingly aid Jew in his endeavors. One such man was Elijah "Books" Wilkerson, resident of Montgomery, known as an outlaw ever since he was a child. Born in a family of 3, he was the black sheep of the family, making him the perfect candidate for Jew's sidekick. With a new partner in crime, things have gone much smoother, and faster, much to Jew's pleasure, and after two more years, finally reaping all that he sowed in Montgomery. Jew, eager to return to Los Santos, and thus, move in on Dillimore, which was under LS jurisdiction, started making preparations accordingly. However he was dissuaded by his friend, Books. Books suggested moving in on Blueberry instead, in order to secure a critical asset -- The Blueberry weapons factory. Jew agreed with Books, much to his discontent, as the two moved in on their next target.

The job was hard, since Blueberry was collaborating with the Los Santos Police department in order to successfully protect the weapons factory. After another diligent and long 5 years of working to secure key assets and the required influence, they were finally ready to claim the prize -- a new, stable source of income in the ways of weaponry, and a strength required in order to move in on Dillimore. Jew and Books assembled a small band of nomad outlaws, all of them focused on freedom, and enjoying life's sinful pleasures. They were then known as the "Legion", mainly because the authorities thought that their crimes were more than the mere work of a small band of outlaws.

On 21st January, 2012, Jew and his crew moved in on Dillimore. Time was of the essence as they began plundering and plighting everything they could, bringing fear to the people of Dillimore. The weapons and manpower Jew got by seizing Blueberry proved to come in handy, as the Los Santos Police Department, along with the Dillimore Sheriff department were more than ready for their arrival.

In the 4th year of their conquest of Dillimore, the local authorities finally showed up the ace in their sleeve, as one night, a rat was found among Jew's band. Courtesy of Dillimore Sheriff Department and LSPD's then freshly appointed Commander Jimmy Andez's planning, an undercover agent was sent to infiltrate Jew's entourage 5 years prior to them moving to Dillimore. His job was to gain Jew's trust, and then give out their base of operations when all seemed to go well. His plan succeeded.

On December 3rd, 2016, Jew and his band were ambushed by a raid consisting of Dillimore and Los Santos Police Forces. Caught off guard, and heavily outnumbered and outgunned, the victor was clear. Hilltop could only provide so much protection against the onslaught and sheer numbers of the mixed police force. Jew, however wasn't ready to give up. As a veteran member of the Slayermen MC, and an ardent pursuer of freedom, he put on a relentless fight, gunning down most of the lesser trained Dillimore's police force, along with his 2nd in command, Books, and his fellow Legionnaires. Soon enough, though the mixed police force would have overpowered them, gunning down most of Jew's entourage. Having been cut down to two remaining survivors -- Jew and Books decided it was time for a grand exit. With what was left of the Blueberry factory's weapon supplies they decided to rig the bottom level of the farm to blow, and go quiet, making the police force believe they have either been gunned down, or severely injured. After the police force were given the all-clear, Jew and Books climbed on top of the roof through the unguarded emergency hatch, and then down into the corn fields, they detonated the bottom level, running away as the explosion masked their trail.

With the freedom Jew has earned for being presumed dead, he took the liberty of hunting down the rat that set him up. A month later, on January 23rd, 2017, newspapers reported a severely dismembered body thrown just outside the Dillimore Sheriff's Department. Many believed this to be a threat from the "Lone Rider" himself. These news were spread county-wide, and many believed he was a demon, unable to be killed. However, Jimmy Andez knew better. In order to dissipate the populace's fear, he struck a deal with Jew through anonymous means. They were to go unnoticed and roam free, in exchange of ending his terror reign in the country side.

Jew's plan was finally completed. It was at this point clear -- he was to forge his own dynasty of an outlaw motorcycle club, one forged in the memories of freedom and his fallen comrades, and most importantly, forged by his own personality and image -- one of Ashes and Dust.


Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Smcpictopic2Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Hierarchys
The highest rank within the club. The president is the leader of the chapter. He is the clubs figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with the police or the media. The president is the chairman at club meetings and represents the chapter at national meetings. He has the most control on the club, often taking decisions on his own.

Vice President
This is the second rank in charge. When the president is unavailable, the vice president takes full control of the club and leads it until his return. He is close to the president and helps him in efficiently controlling the club. He mostly handles the inside part of the club, taking a big part in meetings.

The treasurer is the man responsible for the finances in the club. He has to make sure the club is running regularly, collecting fees, run funds and debts, keeping the records, signing contracts and organizing the money. He has to always keep his eyes open on the business side and get the club new business opportunities. He personally handles the information on members in the club, keeping it down.

The secretary is the guy who keeps most of the records and lists regarding the club's changes. He maintains the club's constitution and often corresponds and communicates with outside sources for purposes. The member taking this position makes sure to listen to members and bring up any issues to the higher ranks, if necessary.

Sergeant at Arms
The sergeant at arms is the main enforcer for the club. His duty is to make sure everything is going well on the lower levels between the members and has to solve any small problems, often leading the members into tasks on his own. He enforces club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The sergeant is in charge of security at gang events and he is responsible for attacks on rivals. The people taking this position are trusted members who have served a longer time than the patchmembers in the club and know its insides well.

Road Captain
The road captain is an enforcer for the club. His duty is to make sure everything is going well on the lower levels between the members. He helps to enforce club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The road captain is responsible for rides, selecting routes, motorcycles and taking care of transporting important club load. The people taking this position are trusted members who have served a longer time than the patchmembers in the club and know its insides well.

Also known as patchmembers. Those are members of the club who have earned the right to wear the gangs colors, after a suitable period spent prospecting. They take part in the running of the club and attend the gangs weekly meeting. They are commonly referred to as members or patches.

A prospect is a prospective member of the club who is yet to earn his patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told and follow the orders of patchmembers. They must be prepared to engage in different activities to prove their loyalty to the gang. Prospects have no voting rights and do not attend meetings unless invited in.

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Patches

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Onep2

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club 41933654

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Acespade

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club 8ballw
1%er - Symbolizes that the person is a one-percenter, a term for an outlaw motorcycle club gang member.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club 94zn2vT

8-Ball - 8-Ball symbolizes that the member has sold hard drugs such as cocaine, thus the term "an eight ball of coke". Also means the member lives on the edge and takes risks in his life.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Du1yP4E

13 - The 13 stands for the letter M, which means Marijuana. The patch shows that the biker is a marijuana drug dealer or a drug user. The 13 also means 12 jurors and the judge. This means the bikers are their own judge and jury. No one can judge them.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club ZpU0BLb

LFFL - Acronym for "Legion Forever, Forever Legion".
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club EGuvlcz

Ace of Spades - The Ace of Spades stands for the "Bringer of Death". This means the biker has killed for the club.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Ku2bGRD

DILLIGAF - Acronym for "Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck", popular amongst bikers.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club L8GrHyS

ITCB/ITCOB -  Acronym for "I Took Care Of Business", meaning that the member has done something important in the name of the club.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club S7W3Z4t

Nickname - The patch that members wear, which has their nickname their are known as within the club.

Rank Patch - Represents the rank that the biker takes within the club. Each member has such a patch with his position written on it. The ranks include Prospect, Legionnaire, Sergeant at Arms, Road Captain, Treasurer, Vice President and President.

The Three Piece - Those are the patches located on the back of the member's vest. The top rocker contains the name of the club - Ashen Legion. The bottom rocker has the club's location - San Andreas. Between them there is the phoenix, the club's famous logo. These patches are property of the club and not the member and are valued highly as some members might be punished for loosing their vest.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club XA0UAFN

Wings - Green wings may suggest the biker has had sexual relations with a girl who has a sexually transmitted disease. Yellow wing patches can mean the biker has imbibed female urine. Red wing patches indicate the biker has had (or is having) oral sex with menstruating females. Black wing patches means the individual has had sexual intercourse with a corpse.
Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Gq00wNJ

Year Patches - Shows the years that the member has been a part of the club, with the first one being his joining year. Or it can show important events that have happened and the member has been part of.

Barred Phoenix - Represents respect for a member that has been incarcerated.

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club M5Bb2ZY

In Memory of Slayermen MC - Patch worn only by the club's president Johny Lynch as an honor to the disbanded club.

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club A8RKtNX


Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club CwSXgAM
Johny "JEW" Lynch

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Gto1rjI
Elijah "BOOKS" Wilkerson

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club RJmOdR9

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club ELvWlik

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club CK80yhI

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club G4hlGko

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club XKmkBau

Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club ZNEemF2


Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club Waznme3
Legion Forever, Forever Legion
Meebo (faction concept, story, overall text) ; White (faction concept, topic layout, first faction leader) ; DoughBoy (graphic work) ; Rick (past MC story, topic layout)
Do not use the faction concept or thread material without permission.
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Ashen Legion Motorcycle Club
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