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 [OGF]Orange Grove Families Information

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PostSubject: [OGF]Orange Grove Families Information   [OGF]Orange Grove Families Information Icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2017 3:32 pm

[OGF]Orange Grove Families Information QYNYtkO

Gangs of Los Santos(LSPD Newspaper Article) wrote:
The "Orange Grove Families" is a street gang in Los Santos. They were formed in the 1970's. They became notorious on the streets and already formed an early rivalry with the "East Side Ballas". In 1987 they experienced a critical downfall, which resulted in their loss of power in Los Santos, losing territories and a lot of members in the process. Since then we have not witnessed any more gang activity of the "Orange Grove Families". The members of the gang usually wear green-colored attire. We're still looking out for any illegal activity and affiliation with the gang. We cannot promise that there are no more members of the gang, so always stay protected and keep attention. We appreciate all help.

-Los Santos Police Department-

OOC(How to Join) wrote:
To join the faction your character has to be young(12-18) and has to be developed well. Your character has to live in the faction territory. He doesn't have to be grown up in the territory though. You have to approach us in game and roleplay with us, in character and get to know some of the members. We're not giving out too much information about the faction OOC, because we keep all this IC.(preventing MG)

Faction Rules:

-Always roleplay in every situation, keeping it as realistic as possible.
- Stay active and post screenshots.
- Do not DM(Deathmatch)
- Do not PG*(Powergaming)
- Do not MG*(Metagaming)
- Follow the server and faction rules.
- Try to stay In Character(IC) as much as you can and try to keep the OOC chat away from the roleplay.
- If you officially joined the faction, the leader and co-leader can character kill(CK) you at any time they think it necessary.
- Try to keep the LSPD's out of the factions territory.
- Always respect higher ranks and listen to them.

*Powergaming means giving your character powers that he can not have. For example push a car around with his bare hands, or flying etc.
*Metagaming means giving your character knowledge your having out of character. For example you know someone is a Balla by his name tag and then kill him. Your character doesn't know he is affiliated

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[OGF]Orange Grove Families Information
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