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 Gun dealers - You didn't get it from them

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Gun dealers - You didn't get it from them Empty
PostSubject: Gun dealers - You didn't get it from them   Gun dealers - You didn't get it from them Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2015 11:56 am

At the end of WCL:RP v1.1, I added two actors who are responsible for the redistribution of firearms; desert eagles and colt .45s.

Desert Eagles
The desert eagle is a very powerful handgun capable of killing someone with just one shot to the head or torso. It is by far the most wanted firearm by today's criminals. Weapon dealers are not stupid. They are always one step ahead of the police and they know how to get profits from their sales. The price of a desert eagle is $15,000 for just 27 bullets! That price is insane!

Colt .45
The colt .45 is a nice and light handgun. It is not quite as strong as the desert eagle but you can kill your target with just a few shots to the torso. The .45 calibre is capable of perforating the lungs and other vital organs to make your target suffer and eventually kill them. It is not as sought after as the desert eagle, therefore the price is a lot lower than the desert eagle: $2,500 for 120 bullets.

The actors are located somewhere in Commerce and at ocean docks respectively. The command to use is /buyguns. This command can only be used when in range of any of the two dealers.
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Gun dealers - You didn't get it from them
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