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 Radio Los Santos - 26/04/14 - #morningsession #48studiolabel

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Radio Los Santos - 26/04/14 - #morningsession #48studiolabel Empty
PostSubject: Radio Los Santos - 26/04/14 - #morningsession #48studiolabel   Radio Los Santos - 26/04/14 - #morningsession #48studiolabel Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 3:20 pm

Radio Los Santos - 26/04/14 - #morningsession #48studiolabel 200px-Radio-Los-Santos-V

Big Boy: Yes, good morning LS! This is ya homeboy Big Boy right here and alongside my friend, Julio G! Today we'll have a little extra session. So i'll let Julio to talk on it.

Julio G: Yes, Big Boy! You're right, as you already know! Today i'll make you all hear a little freestyle. As you know, a young talented recording artist from Glen Park.. Lil Dizzy! He made his first debut album which called ''Kriminals Zone'' and it was released last year. Tracks in the album are closely related to the street reality in Glen Park and also some diss tracks on the Grove Street Families members and also a video exclusively dissing the famous gangster rapper in 90's, OG Loc! Fans know about this things, it's a long story though. It was a real feud among these two artist, i guess it ended last year itself. So we'll directly get a live stream directly from The Liberty Jam! Check this out, peeps!

*Live Streaming from 101.3*

Lil Dizzy:
*Filter Effect*
*Starts at 0.15*
Shootout to my niggas from Glen Park, Jefferson and Market! Idlewood and South Marina!
Yeah, some niggas thought i'm dead but hey, i'm notifyin' y'all that i'm still in head!
I'm on another piece of land, but physically and lyrically i still bang
I got this shit on lock and i send a big up to ma niggas who are strugglin on the block! Blaze up,
100 gun-shots goes to ma enemies, 187 on 'em haters! Real ones will recgonise real G'S!!
I know my purple g's be still on the top and they be surely go even hard!
Keep it on the track, your homie Lil Dizzy will strike back
This lil freestyle is 'bout to holla at my purple g's, you already know how this shit will pop B's! (Ballers)
This is just a new begining, when i will be back on tha turf y'all false flaggers will be freezin'
Dedicate to my big homies Slash, P', Lil P', Dreezy and TG Hoover
Hold it tight, give me some days
Yeah, baller baller i know we still ballin'
Mad mad mad these niggas be keepin' it old school and still keepin' it gangster
No loss, only profit into the business and we still the boss!
Yo, thanks for hostin' it! Booop!

*Freestyle end with fade effect.*

Julio G: Yes, i hope you enjoy it! That was a good freestyle overall. It was a live streaming from 48 Lab.. outta The Liberty Jam!

Julio G: More to come soon, guys! Just keep listening to RLS.

Big Boy: Yeah. It was cool! So we'll be back in a few minutes!

*These tracks will be tune after it.*

Julio G: So, here we go again guys! So, what i want to tell you all is that if you have any songs which you wanted to be broadcast in RLS! If ya wanna share your music with us. Don't hesitate, send us an e-mail at www.radiolossantos@gmail.com or contact us on our web-site.

Big Boy: Yes, RLS still blazin' up for 26 years.

*The session would be continue.*

(( Note: I created this topic just for fun, i will create topics times to times like this and also I still can RP this character Lil Dizzy as ICly he is alive and he is at LC, futhermore maybe in the future i'll rp him as a NPC. ))
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Radio Los Santos - 26/04/14 - #morningsession #48studiolabel
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