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 Saints Flats Gangsters - Information

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PostSubject: Saints Flats Gangsters - Information   Saints Flats Gangsters - Information Icon_minitimeSun Apr 06, 2014 5:38 am

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Saints Flats Gangsters - Information Bgd253
Saint's Flats Gangsters, a gang located in the main street of Market, was formed after the long-lasting Market war, in which two seperate sets that were created right after the downfall of the Temple Drive Ballas fought each other in order to take control over Market. Saint's Flats Gangsters have a long story but are surely not the strongest gang in Los Santos, as they lost control over the drug market in LS after the ''civil'' war in Market. SFG is, however, regaining its power and it seems to attract a lot of young people from Market, its members' number increases day to day and you could easily say that it is getting back to its feet.

Saints Flats Gangsters - Information 126e655
In order to join our faction, you will have to find us ICly and Roleplay with us. Once you've been roleplaying with our faction for enough time and you have, of course showed good roleplay, you will become official.Good luck, remember; respect is the key to success, respect to be respected.
-In Character-
1.Do not snitch, rats get killed quickly
2.Do not act senselessly, always think before you do or say.
3.Do not disrespect any other member from your set, especially high-ranks.
4.Always listen to high-ranks, they've earned their rank by putting in work.
5.Do not provoke any member from your gang, even if it's a wannabe.
6.Our set is our family, never let your homies down.
7.Once a Templar, always a Templar. Blood in - blood out.
-Out Of Character-
1.Never disrespect members of our faction.
2.Show respect to the administration team.
3.Do not break any server rule, no exceptions.
4.You cannot leave the faction unless your character is character killed.
5.Do not use any form of OOC chat while roleplaying unless it is necessary.
-Members who are caught breaking any of these rules will be faction warned or even kicked out depending on the situation. If you've been faction warned at least three times, then you are on the edge between getting kicked out or staying in the faction.-

Saints Flats Gangsters - Information 28k0owl
Herbert Saucedo the leader of Temple Drive Ballas was murdered inside his apartment, located at the Saints Flats. After he was killed an inner conflict rose upon the gang. Many believed that someone from his own crew took his life away. Eventually, those who though that, were indeed correct, the day he was murdered his killer had his life taken away as-well. Law as they called him was shot in the head by some members of his own gang. No-one really knew why he killed the king-pin of his own crew, this really caused panic and chaos in Market and Temple. A small riot formed later that day at night-time, businesses were destroyed a variety of people were killed. The Police Enforcement was even called in, so hell was resting there. People from the past Temple Drive Ballas set remained, some joined in, but the crew was still devastated. Those who joined were full of ideas on how to bring the set up to its feet.The situation was getting bigger and bigger, arguments were set, so the official members and the ones, who joined separated. There were a total of two clicks, one had great ideas and the other was just lacking. People from each side fought with blood to maintain their sets intact. They both hated each other, drive-bys were common at night, innocent people who were caught in the middle of a shootout, were killed. Violence gained control of Market and Temple, acts like robbing and murdering moved from a lower position to a higher one. Ghetto birds flew with their search-lights on, trying to catch criminals after they had committed an action that was against the law, whether it was shop-lifting or murdering someone in the middle of the street. However, as time passed on, leaders from both clicks came to an agreement. This was a truce, introduced by the leader from one of the sides, his name was Robert Mayers. Bob as they call him is an intelligent 27 year old guy who dropped out of High School at the 11th grade. Nathan Walker the leader of the other click was satisfied with the deal that Bob proposed. Therefore, the two sets joined together as one, and the gang was called ''Saints Flats Gangsters’’. The members got along really well, so they commenced rising pretty quick. Bob took in charge and Nathan took the position of his right-hand or also known as Double Original Gangster. Like any other gang they followed that tradition of selling drugs and dealing with other kinds of activities that gave them easy money. They even had contacts with "Trevor Phillips Enterprises", which they sold the gang weapons for a cheaper price, out in the streets they sold them with a higher price.
-Territory they control-
Saints Flats Gangsters - Information Sne7ig
After a while, when the gang had grown bigger, had gained more power and was now a dominant power within Los Santos' underworld, Sean, the co-leader of the set, came up with a great idea; expanding. Sean spoke with the leader, who still was Robert since the creation of the gang, and he agreed.The Temple Drive Families had collapsed, so Sean went straight for Temple. He and his fellow gang members began to hang out around the areas of Temple Drive and the apartments there and filled the area with Saints Flats Gangsters affiliated tags. SFG started to sell drugs to the locals and by the time gained the residents' fear and respect. Some of the former Families gang members didn't like that; they united their small crews together and fought Saints Flats Gangsters along with the Asian Boyz in Temple.Sean's plan was successful, in a few weeks all of the SFG's enemies in Temple were taken out. Sean then forced all the businesses and house owners in Temple to pay a weekly due, whoever didn't pay was executed. Sean became more and more feared in Temple, but with fear he also gained respect; many teenagers from Temple joined the set as well and SFG became even stronger.Sean didn't want to stop there, he also wanted Robois. Robois wasn't a hard target, Sean did the same things he did to ''capture'' Temple Drive, but Robois weren't really a problem to him, in fact he didn't have to kill anyone except for the local drug dealers. Robois isn't an area known for gang banging, Sean didn't give much attention to it. He only forced the shop owners to pay him a weekly due, like in Temple Drive and the recruits from Robois weren't really many.In conclusion the SFG now dominates Temple and Market.
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Present TOG:

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Present DOG:
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Present OGs:
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Present Thugs:
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Present Youngsters:
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*East Side Ballas
*Los Santos Vagos
*Varrio Los Aztecas
*Motorcycle Club
*American Mafia
*Lanza Project Families
*Verona Beach Families
Saints Flats Gangsters - Information B9f6rt
*Orange Grove Families
(Credits go to ObeyMe and Nightmare)
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Saints Flats Gangsters - Information
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