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 E/S Gardens Vagos XXII

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PostSubject: E/S Gardens Vagos XXII    E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Icon_minitimeSat Aug 24, 2013 10:21 pm

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv
Los Santos Vagos (1970) - Origin
E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               X2mo1x

The E/S LS Vagos were formed in the streets of Los Flores and East Los Santos, by a group of latin-american men in the 70s. The first Vago set was small and unknown around Los Santos, and they were created with a task, that was to protect the neighbourhood locals and themselves from racist attacks. As the Vago members started to grow power and influence on the eastside, they decided to start commiting crimes, seeking profit for themselves and started recruiting and jumping in young locals, most of them, sons of dead Vagos. This expansion brought some fear on the streets of East Los Santos, because the gang was usually seen robbing stores, brawling with other booming african-american gangs and causing damage to city property as in breaking storefronts and leaving graffiti. By 1975 as soon as the Vietnam war was over, the weapons market expanded on the streets of Los Santos. This made them, drived by a desire to become a powerful force in the eastside, one of the most dangerous street gangs in all of the county's history.

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pquql
ESGV XXII (2013-2014) - Nowadays
E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pquql

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               2vwxls4

By 2013, the LS Vagos have changed. The gang members, mostly younger generations of the neighbourhood, do not represent their colors actively anymore and show their affiliation to the gang now with multiply tattoos, gang signs, handshakes, graffiti and secret writing codes known only to the gang members. The gang was renamed to East Side Gardens Vagos and still remains to be one of the strongest gangs in Los Santos, due to the nature of their crimes. In San Andreas only, there are estimated to exist about 350 active Vagos gangmembers. They control most of the eastside, including districts such as: East Beach, Los Flores, and East Los Santos. It's said some of the older generations of Vagos relocated to Las Colinas, up north, which indicates they still have some influence left there.

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv
Criminal Activities
E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               3gd36
The Eastside (E/S for short) Gardens Vagos are involved in most aspects that other street gangs partake in, ranging from vandalism, carjacking, drug dealing, kidnapping, assault, robbery, murder and even violent cases of domestic violence against their own girlfriends and family. Not all members do this, though. They seem to recruit young kids from the neighbourhood, with ages ranging from 8 to 16 to do their things, and those are the ones that the population must look out for, as they are the ones looking to make their bones.

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv
Membership and Symbols
E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               55kvbn

While the ESGV are primarily a Chicano (Chicanos are Americans with Mexican descendence that were either raised or born in the US) gang, membership sometimes extends to other hispanics, such as Salvadorians descendants who aren't living down in El Corona, among others. Members of the gang are considered to have taken a "blood oath" to join the gang, and are considered to be in for life. ESGV's written constitution allegedly states that no member should prioritize women, money or drugs over their membership in the gang.

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv
Paragraphs of the Original Los Santos Vagos Constitution
E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv

· Never SNITCH on the gang. This is first and foremost.
· Blood in, blood out. When you decide to get jumped in, it's for life. Loyalty.
· Respect and show love to everyone in the gang. Family.
· Only the shot callers or the original gangsters decide what to do. Wisdom.
· Always represent the gang, be proud of who you are and where you're from. Pride.

Members of the original Los Santos Vagos gang were known to wear yellow colored bandanas and dressing within the cholo style to identify themselves as an eastsider gangmember. Nowadays, they don't fly the color that much anymore, but instead, include the use of the number 22 or XXII, as the letter "V" is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet, or similar symbolism. ESGV's often stack up a "V" or an "E" hand sign to friends or enemies, they wear west coast clothing brands and sports gear of several teams they support as the typical gang attire.

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv
E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               Pqrlv

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               2s81nic

Primo "Creeper" Torres - [V]Compton
Victor "Magic David" Rivers - [V]Acallan
Rigor Navarro - [V]Gee
Juan "Junior" Yanez Jr. - [V]Slick
Maximo "Mad" Morales - [V]Maximo

E/S Gardens Vagos XXII               WoU2UQV

credits: compton & peanutt & slick
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E/S Gardens Vagos XXII
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