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 [!READ!]LSPD Application format and requirements[NEW]

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[!READ!]LSPD Application format and requirements[NEW] Empty
PostSubject: [!READ!]LSPD Application format and requirements[NEW]   [!READ!]LSPD Application format and requirements[NEW] Icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 6:30 pm

[!READ!]LSPD Application format and requirements[NEW] Chast4

Before you write an application, you must read the application rules located in the second post in this topic. After you've did so and met the requirements, copy the application code, fill it and post it in this topic.

Make a new topic with the blue colored tittle, tittle must look like this:
"LSPD Application by [Your name here]"

[color=#D8D8D8][b][u]Police Recruitment Application[/u][/b]

[b]1.) First Name[/b]:
[b]2.) Last Name[/b]:
[b]3.) Age[/b]:

[b]4.) Gender[/b]:
[b]5.) Race[/b]:

[b]6.) Your background story and why you wish to join the force[/b]:

[b]7.) Age (OOC)[/b]:
[b]8.) Country (OOC)[/b]:
[b]9.) Past server nicknames and factions[/b]:

[b]10.) How long have you been a member of this server?[/b]:
[b]11.) Why do you wish to join this faction?[/b]:

[b]12.) Do you posses any law enforcement area knowledge or role play experience?[/b]:
[b]13.) If yes, what kind of?[/b]:

[b]14.) Explain what is role play and its basics[/b]:

[b]15.) Explain what is meta game and give two different examples:
-Example 1:
-Example 2:[/b]

[b]16.) Explain what is power game and give two different examples:
-Example 1:
-Example 2:[/b]

I, Your Name, hereby swear that all the answers and information provided are all truthful and honest, and I did not lie. I agree to a full background and criminal check to be performed over my name.[/color]

Application Rules

    In Character
  • 1.) We only accept applicants over the age of 21.
  • 2.) We do not accept applicants over the age of 45.
  • 3.) We only accept applicants in a good and healthy physical condition.
  • 4.) We only accept applicants who have finished high school.
  • 5.) We only accept applicants who posses a valid current driver license.
  • 6.) We do not accept applicants with a criminal past and records.
  • 7.) Be honest in your answers, if you lie, it will be discovered.
  • 8.) If your application is denied, you have to wait three days before you could reapply.
  • Out of Character
  • 1.) You need to put in visible effort of writing into your application.
  • 2.) Your biography is required to be over 200 words.
  • 3.) Do not copy answers from other applications.
  • 4.) Do not skip or leave questions unanswered.
  • 5.) If your application is denied, you have to wait three days before you could reapply.
  • 6.) We do not accept applicants, who have been banned before for hacking
  • 8.) We do not accept applicants applying for the LSPD and another faction in the same time.
  • 9.) Applicants may apply, only when the application status is open.
  • 10.) Only recruitment officers and applicants may post inside the application topic.


Credits for this are going to Rick!
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[!READ!]LSPD Application format and requirements[NEW]
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