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 Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us

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Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us Empty
PostSubject: Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us   Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 1:38 pm

Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us Gangy_8

All recruitment for Kilo Tray Ballas is done in-character,take a civilian skin or simply KTB skin and start roleplaying with us and when roleplaying with us and don't be disrespectful to other members (IC and OOC) or else you wouldn't have a chance to become an official member of KTB.You can be CK by the shotcalla or the kingpin.
( Join with main account )

Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us 53180_o
-Attention: We accept only members who are born at Glen Park ICly otherwise if your character is born in Vice City or Liberty city,another city ect .. you will be PK (Player Kill)
-And NEVER ask for RAG!

If the leader or the co-leader agree that you'll stay in the gang,you will get a beat-up for 20 seconds.
Once after you've met all the members and have learned the main street rules and customs,the leader or higher ranks will take you on missions such as tagging, brawls, robbery and doing drive-bys so that you would earn more respect and well known into the gang.
Then 1-3 weeks later, depending on your roleplay and loyalty, you'll be ragged by the kingpin and be an official member.

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Kilo Tray Ballas - How To Join Us
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