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Ballas History

The Ballas, also known as the Los Santos Ballas, are the Grove Street Families' primary enemy and have been around since the 1970's.They are the most powerful street gang in Los Santos. They are involved in drug dealing, gang banging, prostitution, arms dealing, vandalism, degeneracy, and the crack cocaine trade. The Ballas are rivals with Grove Street Families going back for several years. When the rivalry started isn't known, but the rivalry between the two gangs was in full swing as early as 1987.
By 1992 The Ballas controlled most of the streets of Los Santos, with Grove Street Families being driven back to Grove Street itself and a few surrounding neighborhoods. After Grove Street leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson was gunned down and arrested they briefly controlled the entirety of what had been Grove Street territory. The Ballas then cemented their control over the area by distributing crack cocaine through the area.

Ballas gang is consisted of some big gang sets around LS such as Rollin' Heightz Ballas.Rollin' Heightz Ballas set is a gang located on Jefferson area and it is widely known about its dangerous and violent activity against other gangs.They are spotted around this area and they are characterized from the purple color.

Ballas Characteristics.

Handshake:/hs and /hs5


RHB attitude:

  • Be aggressive towards rival gangs.You see anyone from rival gang around your hood tagging or dissin' us?No questions asked.Straight up on killing him.Do whatever it takes to kick out these fooz out of the hood.
  • Try not to attract and bring around the hood police.We don't need them messin with our business.
  • We are gangstas.Don't be nerds and try to be most of the times strapped.You never know when it will be needed.
  • Furthermore:lower ranked gangsters should always respect gang's leaders and higher rank gangsters than them.Wrong words may get you killed.
  • Always chill around your hood.Protect it and represent it with loyalty and pride.Its unwise to catch you chillin in other hood.

Rollin' Heightz Ballas Graffities

[RHB] - Information Ballas_Graffiti

[RHB] - Information 442px-RollinHeightsTag

RHB Chillin spots

[RHB] - Information Wqy7ux

[RHB] - Information 2191fa0

[RHB] - Information 2wew30x

[RHB] - Information 1z31icy

[RHB] - Information Mi1agm

[RHB] - Information 1zef6a9

Jefferson Street Names

[RHB] - Information 20r4c5y

1:Rollin' Street
2:5th High Street
3:Saints Street
4:Riverside Drive
5:8th Rollin Boulevard
6:East Avenue
7:Rollin Avenue
8:Jefferson Motel
9:Rollin Courtz
10:68th East Block
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[RHB] - Information
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