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 Front Yard Ballas - How To Join FYB

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PostSubject: Front Yard Ballas - How To Join FYB   Front Yard Ballas - How To Join FYB Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2012 5:39 am

Front Yard Ballas
If you decide to join Front Yard Ballas you must pay full attention to this guide. Front Yard Ballas does not except members who leave the set in 1 week, we want good and active members in the faction. Do not ask the leader or co-leader about your rank or to get ragged, this will end in a bad result. If you decide to join ous, you must put in alot of work then the official members of Front Yard Ballas will start giving you some respect and chilling with you more often. Front Yard Ballas looks for members who are loyal, respectful and active. Joining the set could take 3 weeks or more, the leader or co-leader must test how loyal you are in the faction.

Front Yard Ballas - How To Join FYB Fybhoe
Front Yard Ballas is a African-American Street gang they're violent and dangerous, they are
currently located in the Idlewood projects.

When approaching a FYB gang member you may greet him with the appropriate information.
by using hand gestures.

Is the official Balla gang sign
use this hand gesture to keep rival gang members out of Idlewood.
/hs /hs4
use this appropriate Yardie handshake
when you're getting other gang members.
Members all allowed to chill all around Idlewood your main majority is to protect this neighborhood at all cost, by doing so gang members should be carrying weapons of any sort. Small weapons should be carried in the daytime due to mutable reasons, while big weapon should be carried in the night.
Joining the gang
All players are welcomed to join this faction we accept players that know how to roleplay properly, by doing so if you're new around the neighborhood i assume that you should roleplay as young and helpless child confused and poor growing up in the ghetto projects of Idlewood. Remember to always show alot of respect to the gang members if you proceed and show good effort in-character you will eventually be ragged and be apart of us. Please don't send a private message in-game complaining desperately about the tag then your chances of fulfilling your chance to become a gang member of this faction will be lowered. It all depends on how you roleplay and show respect In character.
You must also know how to roleplay as a African-American gang banger by doing so try watching some youtube videos about the bloods and the crips. This will give a good description on how we roleplay. If you're interested on joining please be active on the forums aswel.

Chilling in the hood
The leader and co-leader expect all members to be chilling in the gang area most of the time, try walking to the store and buy some drinks, get some cigarettes too, chill on each block patrol and protect your hood. If you see a allies in the neighborhood show respect towards them you may treat them like friends.
Idlewood has many several places to chill, for example the Pizza Stack is
a disireable place to hang out at.
Like in real life gang members should be all around Idlewood. I should expected all official faction players to do more gang rolplaying and less attacking other gangs.

Front Yard Ballas - How To Join FYB Ib-siggy5
- If you decide to use a gang car, you must respect them. Only use the gang cars for something useful, if you take them out, make sure to fix them and park them where they where. If you can't respect those rules run!
- Your English must be good
- You must know how to roleplay.
- If you cannot find any members to rp with, do not call them wait for them to arrive.
- You must follow all server rules, check this https://west-life.forummo.com/t249-west-coast-life-roleplay-rules
- If you do not follow these rules it's a straight kick from the faction.
- If you want to increase your roleplay please read this roleplay guide https://west-life.forummo.com/t2843-front-yard-ballas-roleplay-guide
- Also make sure to read the FYB rules https://west-life.forummo.com/t2640-front-yard-ballas-rules

Will be updated recently, so stay updated

Credits to [FYB]Saint, [FYB]Smokey_, [FYB]Api
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Front Yard Ballas - How To Join FYB
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