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 -Kilo Tray Ballaz'- Information

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PostSubject: -Kilo Tray Ballaz'- Information   -Kilo Tray Ballaz'- Information Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2012 3:39 pm

Kilo Tray Ballas


Kilo Tray Ballas, is a set of the main gang "Ballas" which reside in the city of Los Santos. The Kilo Tray Ballas' members live and hang out in the area of Glen Park. It's members wear purple clothing and are notorious for their drug abuse and numerous murders. It's leader, Craig Jones, known by the nickname "Bishop" is known to be ruthless alongside with the set's co-leader Barry Thorne (known as Big Bear).


1. Blood in, blood out. Once you are a Kilo Tray, you stay that way till' you die.
2. Allways rep' yo' set.
3. Neva' eva' snitch on anybody, enemy or a homie. Once a snitch, allways a snitch.
4. Never walk around in an enemy hood alone. Unless you wanan get yo' ass shot.
5. Never question the authority of a higher rank. Neva'.
6. Allways wear tha' colours and show where you come from.

1. Allways follow the server and forum rules.
2. Never argue with administrators and listen to what they have to say.
3. Do NOT ask for a special position in the gang or for a special skin in the gang UNLESS you have earned it.
4. Do hood roleplays as much as you can. The amount of brawls and shooutouts should be kept low.
5. Allways roleplay as good as you can.


Craig "Bishop" Jones - [KTB]Craig[B5R]

Right Hand
Dice "D" Thorne - [KTB]Dice[B5R]

Triple O.G

Double O.G


Kilo Gangsta's

Big homies


Little homies

Tyroon "Lil T" Brown - [KTB]Lil_T[B5R]
Andrew "Eazy" Russo - [KTB]Eazy
Johnny "JC" Loco - [KTB]Johnny

????? - ProDubz
????? - Dee
Keiran Tafee - Keiran_Tafee
Jason "Deno" Mir - Miguel_Pablo


Rollin Heightz Ballas [RHB]
Front Yard Ballas [FYB]

Russian Mafia [RM]
Los Santos Vagos [V]

Slayerman Motorcycle Club [MC]
Italian Mafia [IM]
Varrio Los Aztecas [VLA]
Temple Drive Families [TDF]
Seville Boulevards Families [SBF]
Grove Street Families [GSF]
Police Department [PD]
C.R.A.S.H [C]

How to join the gang?

To join the gang you need to roleplay yourself into it. If you want to, you can infrom Craig or Dice that you want to join the gang. You will have to roleplay with them and after some time they will decide if they want you in the gang or no.

Banned Players

Dopeman - April 25th 2012 until July 25th 2012.
Reason: Was in the gang for a very short period of time and left, didn't follow the OOC rules(Point 3).

RedDog - May 3rd 2012 until June 3rd 2012.
Reason: Was in the gang for a very short period of time and left for another gang without giving any explanation.

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-Kilo Tray Ballaz'- Information
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