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 .:Rollin' Heights Ballas - Rank List:.

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.:Rollin' Heights Ballas - Rank List:. Empty
PostSubject: .:Rollin' Heights Ballas - Rank List:.   .:Rollin' Heights Ballas - Rank List:. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2012 3:20 am

The Shotcaller (Leader)

Teshaun "Clutch" Jones

The Runnin' Dog (Co-Leader)

Original Gangsters

High Rollers

Baby Gangsters

Jayden "Blaze" Davis*



Kane "Cocaine" Lawson**

Hoodlums (Outsiders)

Quote :
Edward "Hench" Henchman

Tyler "Shock" Hilton


"Rashid" Wilcox

Jerrick "JC" Cartwright

Jameson "Jesse James" Boyd


Players who remain active, conduct themselves in a respectful manner, and demonstrate model roleplay will be appointed a green * [star]. Stars will be added as players continue to behave in an admirable fashion. Three stars will result in a promotion. Please note that stars are subject to removal based on player inactivity or misconduct.

Players who are inactive, disrespectful towards others, or demonstrative of poor and/or unlawful roleplay will be appointed a yellow * , which shall serve as a serious warning to said player. These stars will be added as players continue to handle themselves poorly. Three stars will result in a demotion and/or severe reprimand by the faction's leaders.

Members undergoing a period of extreme and unannounced inactivity, demonstrating a very poor attitude towards roleplay, continually disrespecting others with no regard for warnings or administrative reprimands, or breaking server rules will be appointed a red *, which shall serve as a severe warning to said player. These stars will be added as a faction member demonstrates severely reprehensible behavior. Two stars will result in a permanent removal from the faction.


*Please note that players who notify the faction concerning inactivity through the appropriate means (i.e. posting in the member Inactivity topic) are not subject to inactivity warnings, providing they do not remain inactive for an unreasonable period of time. Members who plan to be inactive for a very large span of time should work out an arrangement with the faction's leader.

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.:Rollin' Heights Ballas - Rank List:.
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