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 South Side Rooks XIII

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PostSubject: South Side Rooks XIII   Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:22 pm

South Side Rooks XIII

The year is 2017 - El Corona, a mostly mexican-american neighbourhood on the south side of Los Santos is still under heavy street gang control. From the remains of "Frosties" and "Golden Palms 13", a new mexican set under the control of "Varrios Los Aztecas" is gaining power and respect around this area - "South Side Rooks XIII"

A vicious, cold blooded, confident and borderless set that seeks to get known and respected around the city of Los Santos and the whole San Andreas state and put the Varrios Los Aztecas back into drug game. "The Rooks" mostly consist of young mexican-americans but there are also other representatives of the latino race, such as cubans, puerto-ricans, columbians and many more. The activities that the "South Side Rooks" are involved into include drug dealing, drug smuggling, weapon dealing, prostitution, joyriding, car theft, illegal immigration, human trafficking.

"South Side Rooks XIII" as the previous Azteca sets are Surenos. They go around with sureno related tattoos and blue/turquoise bandanas. Set members are seen wearing the "Atlanta braves" caps/jerseys, to show affiliation to Aztecas through the letter "A". Random jerseys with the numbers 1 and 13, and are also often seen wearing "Las Venturas Bandits" brand clothing. When it comes to tattoos they include Aztecas/Rooks/Surenos tattoos on their bodies. A famous tattoo of this set is a rook chess piece, anybody who is a member of the South Side Rooks has a Rook chess piece on his body.

FBI sources connect a young mexican male to being in charge of the "Rooks", his name is Franco Rivas - an El Corona resident, born in Los Santos who is currently 20 years old.

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South Side Rooks XIII
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