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 Deranged - No Name

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PostSubject: Deranged - No Name   Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:08 am

*You stumble upon a Youtube channel dedicated to showing off unknown rappers.*
*The latest video would be one of an MC named "Deranged."*
*The song appears to have no name and it is A Capella.*

Deranged - No Name
Verse 1
I was brought up in the streets of Vice City, taught by the criminals there to feel no pity.
I grew up surrounded by violence, never far from a murder or the law's injustice.
'Cause in the 21st Century nobody's made any progress, and it seems that the law just tries to dodge us.
So I wanna use my lyrical genius to bring a message to the people and ward off this evil.
It doesn't matter what I've done in the past, welcome to my class, where I'll show you how to surpass the corruption of today's modern facade.
We all need to unite as a race, my black brothers and sisters, watch me as I pick up pace, it's a simple as learning how to tie your shoelace or how to make cocaine back into freebase.

Verse 2
All this world needs is love, it seems like an impossibility, but with this type of lyrical flexibility and ingenuity I'll show you how easy this can truly be.
Class is in session, drop the depression and emotional recession, together we can make the decision to fix the world and get rid of all this nuclear fission.
Watch as my rhymes take control of your mind, making you forget about all the past crimes, 'cause the present is all that matters in these times.
The reason that all these conflicts start is because of people's memories, they can't seem to forget their past enemies.
So they make people suffer even though it was never their responsibility, and in the process they create all this instability.
But I believe that with a little lyrical prowess, I can create peace, trust me, I'm no novice.
Aren't you tired of today's conflicts? Leading to wars and misunderstandings that seem to never be stoppin'.
I'm gonna leave you with a final statement, end all the bullshit and you'll be left in amazement as to how much words can do to solve this.

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PostSubject: Re: Deranged - No Name   Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:44 am

((Good rhymes as always, good job and keep up the good work)) Very Happy
*Turns on his computer, searching Youtube for rappers.*
*Found a video called,*Deranged*
*Clicks it and starts listening to it.*
Baishuan:''Dis voice ain't be stranga..I'be lovin dis rappa doe"
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Deranged - No Name
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