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 SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"

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PostSubject: SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"   Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:43 pm

[A response to "Str8 Facts" from SB, you would hear this track playing on Radio Los Santos]

[You would hear some background voices while the beat is fading in]

Man, this youngsta think he's some sort of gangsta hah.. Quit hiddin' out in your lil studio, kid. No matter where you hide I'm still coming for you, punk motherfucker, check it.

Fake thugs, never heard of real business, even the name of your clique makes me suspicious
You better beg for forgiveness, how can gardeners kill off something so prodigious?
Crew armed to the teeth like marine corps, straight up gangstas to their cores
Grandma was talkin' in her sleep last night, and her rhymes were smoother than yours
Mexicans from the hill, nigga please we all know you can't fuck with niggas like these
Los Santos I seize, squeeze the competitors niggas be begging on their knees, hold up let me expertise
Everybody on the street agrees that my style is old school like cadiz, vagos ain't trustees
Spread my empire overseas like a disease, niggas don't want to make me displeased
Everyday my crew grows like trees, sell coke like skis and that rap shit? I'm ill at ease
Feared, prolly' by fate, let me actuate -  rhyme strong like armor plate, vagos weak like featherweight
See my face on fourth estate, charge crack heads increase the tax rate
Cowards like you get laced, elate the body with milimeter eight, send your friends there too, give you some soul mates
Crime I reinstate, even feared by the chief of state, roll a line of coke like Bering strait
Call me the rap Bane, tie up your hispanic ass to a propane, pop that shit and let the blood make a fat stain like oil spils in Bahrain
Never was humane, stupid niggas get slain rip out your vains, splat like lines on my table full of cocaine
Catch a slug to your brain, O.G status I retain, even though I obtain cream I'm still on top of the food chain
Cowards like you I behead, rip you to a shred, once I see you on the street unload lead from my mac, bullets fly widespread
Find yourself laying in a hospital bed, shots went off, every innocent bystander fled, in the morning cops find 12 victims dead
Did you really think those gay jokes would work? When I first saw your crew they shirked in a shack, should've murked them right there
For your sake, hope you have health care, I swear this shit is about to impair since none of your lies are going to fare
Motherfucker doesn't even know me and dares to diss me, give it a rest you still might have some dignity left
Before you get your ass arrested, you leave me unimpressed, no wonder you get caught up behind bars
Guess you don't have a choice, poor as fuck you can't even leave the hood if you wanted to
I'll expose this phoney, quit talking that baloney, slice you up like pepperoni
Since without a doubt your career is taking a drought, me and Dizzy will knock you out
Gardeners is this your best man? I'mma snatch him up and throw him in a corner van
Your music - I was never a fan, fuck that I'd rather join the Ku Klux Klan
Atleast I have my own studio and my shit gets played on the radio
Once I take you fools on I'll reduce the loss ratio, broke motherfuckers
The only thing y'all good at is giving fellatio, grab you by the throat give you no breathing space
Say hello to the nigga that will replace you, murder slow or like coup de grace
Work at a fast pace, everyday some asshole get erased from existence, you better keep distance
Because if words won't be enough, shit is about to get rough
Quit playing tough, your whole career is a bluff
And even tho' my rhymes to you are perplexed
I'm still eager to hear what kind of bullshit chu' gonna spit next

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WCL Founder

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PostSubject: Re: SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"   Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:13 pm

I don't like it

No offense man, I just don't Smile

I can't catch the rhythm

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Server Developer

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PostSubject: Re: SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"   Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:14 pm

I'll be honest with you, this is one of the better rap songs I've seen.

I rather look at the lyrics without the beat.
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PostSubject: Re: SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"   Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:18 pm

Looks like I'm gonna have to top this. It's not that bad.
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PostSubject: Re: SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"   

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SB - Responding to "Str8 facts"
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