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 The Vice Organization Takeover

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PostSubject: The Vice Organization Takeover   Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:56 pm

The Beginning

The Vice Organization was started in 2010 by a racially-mixed group of criminals on the streets of Vice City. Many members of the crew were Jamaican and African-American, still having a few Caucasian and Mexican affiliates within their ranks. They started small with only ten members, selling Marijuana on the streets, remaining nameless back in those days. Eventually the crew grew in number, no longer a crew anymore, but effectively a local business. They dealt with the various Haitian street gangs in the area, and recruited the local youth to do their bidding and watch over drug deals. High-ranking members agreed that they needed cocaine. Leaders forced members to commit the most heinous acts on informants and traitors, people they called "snitches." This type of behavior earned them fear on the streets, and many of the smaller gangs submitted unconditionally to their brutal takeover.

It was as if the Mexican Mafia had invaded the city, only now they were black. Many called them the "Black Mafia," only adding to their notoriety. Having most of the gangs under their wing, they fought off and destroyed any opposition without remorse. After eliminating enemies in the home-front, they moved on to bigger projects, returning to the issue of new merchandise. They began using the street gangs to steal cocaine from Mexican cartel shipments, starting a bloody war that lasted a year. No side gave up, continuing deliver wave after wave of homicide to the city until the Mexicans finally gave in, realizing they couldn't stop the sheer number of hostile gangs activity.

Both sides struck a deal, the Mexicans agreeing to supply the area with high-grade Colombian cocaine in return for taxes that dealers paid. Now a drug enterprise, they decided to give themselves an official name, "The Vice Organization."

Los Santos

The Vice Organization had reached the epitome of it's power, the lead-members deciding it was time to expand beyond their borders. Subsequently, Sean Greene was executed by the state all the way over in San Andreas. Sean knew two lieutenants from the organization very well however, since childhood to be exact. Both of these lieutenants then proposed Los Santos as the ideal place for the organization's next business venture.

It was very little known that both men had contacts posted up around Jefferson; the crew's main area of business. These contacts watched as everything unfolded, relaying this information over to the lieutenants in Vice City. This information was used to the convince the leaders of the organization that Los Santos would be a breeding ground for business. By the time they'd arrived at the airport, both men knew almost every single detail about Sean's project.

The lieutenants became trusted with Sean's friends, already having a following in the city. Now all they need to do is play it safe and smart, starting a business is tough work.
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The Vice Organization Takeover
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