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 Reporting Snaikas for OOC'ly insults.

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Tempah & DLoc

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PostSubject: Reporting Snaikas for OOC'ly insults.   Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:03 pm

Your server name: DLoc

When did this happen (date, time)?: 04/07/2014 and 03/07/2014

Who are you reporting?: [LPF]Snaikas

What are you reporting this person for?: I was RPing tagging Temple Drive, then OOC'ly a phone start ringing, I put the game in pause, after hang up the pone i'm back, then I take a look in the chat, and I saw Snaikas RPing shoting me while I was AFK and calling me a "noob" because he said "noob, you pause when I you saw me" or somthn like that. Heard me little kid, tell me when the fuck I put my game in pause when I saw you comming if I was AFK? If you don't know nothing, then shut the fuck up. I'm tired of your OOC insults against TDB and you'r Antis RP. My claim is warn Lanza Project Families, we all tired of them. So i'm reporting him for OOC'ly Insults and RPing when I was AFK.

Evidence: That's the image when I come back from AFK.
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Server Developer
Server Developer

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PostSubject: Re: Reporting Snaikas for OOC'ly insults.   Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:11 pm

"Noob" is not an insult. However, Snaikas has been working on my nerves considering that he takes the TDB vs LPF brawl to an OOC level.

No actions will be taken unless further proof can be provided through PM's.

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Reporting Snaikas for OOC'ly insults.
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