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 MC Snaikas - U Ain't Shit

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PostSubject: MC Snaikas - U Ain't Shit   Sun May 11, 2014 2:27 pm

0:00-0:12 [ Beat.. ]

0:12: Ayo.. Look at my mowfuckin'face imma blow the roof of this place.
Here i go again,I'm dissin you to the end,imma make you mute,Then imma'post it on youtube! *laughs* Man,i dont care who wants a battle,but everyone deserves a bullet in the gattle,going thru the sattle,yeeah.. I'm The rise sun,imma kill you with my gun,buts its for fun.. Seriously? U fat asses rapping about a deal? Man go get yourself a free meal!
Man,what happened to you when u were born in the 2-0 era,when u fake MCs were getting worse..i was getting better. I hear people talkin'bout you,when u weren't like this,now u are stuck in a cycle of drug sex and Violence..

[ DJ Scratching* ]
U Rappers ain't shit,talkin to others that chu'will scare someone with saying ''BOO''
U rapper ain't shit,The real deal is that you afraid of the poo-poo (x2)
[ DJ Scrathing* ]
Nigga this is Hardcore Hip hop,we laugh at your idols,fuck your edvice,imma past thru the psychos!
Today u gonna say im bad,but after 1 week yo'gonan be supah mad.
Wanna settle your deal,come up in the green heal. Warning me for a brawl,nigga start fighting this ain't WWE RAW.Man Fuck em groves,fuck em tacos,the city is ours its full of kinds of bitchachos.Couse LAnza is the king in this,why dont you take a better look at my fist..

[DJ Scrathing* ]
U rappers ain't shit,talkin to others that chu will scare someone with saying ''BOO''
U rappers ain't shit,The real deal is that you afraid of the poo-poo (x2)
[DJ Scrathing*]

This is the last,think about your past,when i come ontop,and your bitches start to bop..
I sayed what i had to,i mocked theese stupid ass foo's.
With 2 words i make ya'll feel naked,when u entered my room,u saw your girlfriend awacked! *laughs*

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MC Snaikas - U Ain't Shit
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