SA-MP roleplay server mainly focused on gangs in San Andreas
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PostSubject: Trunk   Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:18 pm

Simple trunk system was added, you need to write /(tr)unk near vehicle's trunk and it will show you options, so you can store your weapons in trunk and take them out..
No, weapons are not saved in vehicles so when server will restart / crash you will lose weapons so make sure to take screens for refund. - to make advanced trunk system there is advanced saving system needed for every vehicle...
You will lose weapons also if your car will explode.

+ You won't lost dices anymore when you will /roledice.. you will lose them on disconnecting and Player's death.

Also goes for mask, you will lose it when you will disconnect and player's death - I might make saving system and store mask to inventory but this will be other time..

If you will find any bugs let me know.

Next update from me will be advanced drug system with more drugs and it's effects and so on..
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